5 Creative Investment Ideas to Add to Your Portfolio

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When it comes to saving for your future, many people opt for investing. Most that look at investing automatically think towards the stock market or company retirement plans. While those are still viable investment options, you should maybe consider some options that are a little different. When it comes to investments, most experts will say you should keep your investment portfolio diverse.

Diversification of your portfolio provides the perfect opportunity for you to invest in stocks, bonds, and retirement plans while adding in a more creative option or two. Here are five creative investment ideas to add to your portfolio. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Hoards of Old Currency

A fairly new creative investment is to put money into old and ancient currencies. While collecting old coins is not a new thing, the sales of ancient coins in bulk have been an interesting trend that has increased in recent years because of an increase in demand in the Asian market. Some Asian collectors and investors have begun repatriating coins from the region.

This has led to investment firms specifically specializing in these currencies and coins. They are particularly collecting and investing in currencies recovered from treasure hunters and other avid collectors. Some of the coins have been individually valued at more than half a million dollars. While this could be profitable, this investment will take some work and some desire to be a treasure hunter.


Memorabilia is another creative investment option that is not a new idea, but many don’t realize how valuable memorabilia can be to collect and sell. You can branch out and explore diversity in that you don’t have a specific type of memorabilia you pursue. This type of investing will not be passive. You will have to explore the world to find memorabilia people want to collect. But it can be extremely profitable.

A trend that can’t be called a trend because of its longevity as hot collection items is military memorabilia. Medals from the military are among the highest profit-making memorabilia. WWII, memorabilia is also found to be the more profitable of the war collector items. If you can identify and locate rare and sought-after items, some of these items can fetch six figures or more among collectors. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Peer-to-Peer Lending

Peer-to-peer lending clubs have become popular investment options. They require so little effort and initial investment funds that the popularity is continuing to grow, and so is the return on investment. One of the advantages of this investing is within it there is diversification. You can spread your investments over multiple loans in as little as $25 increments.

Generally, the initial investment minimum is $1,000, so the buy-in to get started is doable by investors at almost any income. Once you get in, you can make choices on how much and how many loans you want to invest in, and then you can automate the process so that it becomes a passive income. You can involve yourself as little or as much as you want after you get set up.

Horse Breeding

When you were considering investments, you probably never considered owning a horse. Most people think of upkeep and having to invest time and space in owning a horse. Now, with the internet, owning studs and racehorses has become possible through crowd-sourcing. Therefore, you won’t own a whole horse, nor will you be riding your investment. You will own a piece of a horse. This could be extremely profitable if your horse is a prime stud or a winning racehorse.

While investing in a horse is no guarantee, if your horse wins some big purses, you can see a high return rate on this investment. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Online Real Estate Investing

The value of real estate investing is high. But many investors can’t afford to buy and sell properties. In most people’s lifetime, they will never own a home, let alone invest in rental and passive income properties. Online real estate investing is another crowd-sourcing type of investment. You have a minimum amount of investment, and you, along with other investors, own a piece of property and share the profits.

The best thing about this type of real estate investment is that you have no direct responsibility for the property’s upkeep, maintenance, or liability. Your investment includes coverage of all those expenses, and the online company you invest through takes care of all of those details.


Investing doesn’t just mean having a stockbroker and being sensible in your choice to invest in your 401(k) anymore. There are so many creative ways to invest your money, and these five are worth exploring if you want some possibly profitable options. Some of them take some work on your part beyond investing funds. Some options merely require you to meet minimum investing amounts and some minor decisions on your part to start seeing some return on investment. Consider one or all of these five creative options when you start looking at diversifying your investment portfolio.

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