4 Keys to Employee Happiness

Employee Happiness - Complete Controller

Getting your employees to be happy in your company will have direct benefits in the annual results. We tell you what you must do to get an optimal working environment. According to a study, a happy employee is 12% more productive, while an unhappy employee is 10% less productive. There is no definite formula for having a happy employee since each employee is unique. However, certain variables will help your company and its overall culture be a happy place to work when applied to your employees. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Listen to Your Employees

Internal communication is essential to create empathy and to know how your employees value your company. The best way to know if your employees are happy or not is to ask them. Asking them will help you identify possible internal problems and eradicate them before it is too late.

Many companies use tools such as Typeform to develop small surveys and send them to their workers at the end of the week to identify possible improvements. In these surveys, they pose basic and easy to answer questions such as:

  • How was your week overall?
  • Have you had a lot of work?
  • What was the highlight of your week?

Employee feedback is essential in a company. We must consider your valued employee’s ideas and concerns. This is essential to make them feel that they are valued and that you care about improving the work environment. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Remember that happiness directly affects productivity and, therefore, the overall production results of the company. A happy environment benefits everyone from the top down.

In addition to surveys, continuous and open communication is essential. There are internal chat tools, such as Google chat in Gmail or Slack, that help improve communication between employees.

Delegate Work

Giving power and responsibility to an employee helps keep their motivation high. It gives them a reason to continue to strive and make sense of their day to day tasks and expectations. It also offers them opportunities to grow within the company.

But it is not enough to delegate responsibilities; you will also have to establish some objectives to achieve in a limited space of time. It is recommended that the achievement of these objectives has a reward behind them. Having rewards for doing good work will benefit both the company and employees when they feel fulfilled. Being recognized and rewarded will have a domino effect on productivity and a positive attitude contagious to other employees.

Care About Their Career Path

Often employees fill positions out of necessity and not necessarily because that is their chosen position. If this filling of the position is temporary, that won’t hinder growth or advancement. However, sometimes an employee gets stuck in a position that was not part of their dream job. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

It is an excellent idea to meet with your employees and determine their career and financial goals. Often we are unaware that they have ambitions or didn’t want to remain in their current position. Once you determine your employee’s ambition, it is your job to help them get any additional training and encourage them to sign up for courses, workshops, or conferences to expand their knowledge. Not only will they be better in their day-to-day tasks, but they will gain skills that will help them advance their career.

Celebrate Achievements

There is no doubt that celebrating makes us happy, and there are many reasons to celebrate: successes, new clients, the completion of projects. It would be best if you involved all the staff in the celebration of achievements. It is important that everyone feels they are part of the successes achieved and that their two cents have served as something to achieve important company goals.

Finally, as affirmed by an expert in the study of work happiness, the key to fostering an optimal environment is to look for what makes you enjoy your work and focus on the positive.

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