10 High-Paying Jobs to Get Ready For

  1. Scientists investigating computer and information technology they study and resolve difficult problems in computer technology for business, drug, knowledge along with other fields. The leader in wages are those scientists who are involved in developing new tactics to computer technology and the search for innovative use of existing technologies.
  2. Computer Network Architects what happens is that: computer network design and build communication networks. These are networks of various sizes from the connection of two offices to next-generation networks such as the cloud infrastructure being served by a variety of consumers.

The level of education for obtaining a workplace: bachelor’s degree in computer specialty and the experience of the administrator of networks and computers (the system administrator) is desirable

  1. Computer programmer what these people do: programmers write and test computer code for applications and computer programs. They translate the draft programs created by software developers and engineers into code that is understood by the computer.
  2. Computer support specialist what does: The computer support specialist work in the support service and provide assistance to people and organizations in the use of computer equipment and software. The level of education for getting a job: a bachelor’s degree, but also lower-level diplomas are quietly accepted.
  3. Computer Systems Analysts What does: The computer systems analyst examines the existing computer infrastructure and work in the organization and designs system solutions to help the organization work more efficiently. Analysts adapt information technology for business knowing the limitations of both.

The level of education for getting a job: a bachelor’s degree in computer science or in information technology is compulsory, but some companies accept analysts with business education or double diplomas of liberal arts. (I recall that in our pool there is one liberal arts university – this is Drew University).

  1. Database administrator They ensure that data is accessible to users and protected from unauthorized access. This includes working with large data (Big data). (DBA) use specialized software to store and organize data, such as customer financial information or information about the delivery of goods.
  2. Information Security Analysts What they do Information security analysts plan and implement measures to protect computer networks and systems of companies, government structures, communication systems, and payments. The scope of their duties is constantly expanding as the number of cyber-attacks grows.

The level of education for obtaining a job: a bachelor’s degree in computer science or in information technology is compulsory. Experience in this field or internship is desirable.

  1. Administrators of computer networks and systems what they do: Computer networks are a critical part of any organization. Administrators of computer networks and systems are responsible for the normal daily operation of these networks.

Level of education for getting a job: Most employers require a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology. For some, a certificate of completion of the course is sufficient.

  1. Software Developer what they do: Developers are creative minds behind computer programs. The most popular profession today in the entire IT industry is not only the US but also the whole World. They are involved in all processes of program development, including research, design, programming (although programmers are more likely to be engaged in programming) and testing. Some develop programs to perform certain tasks on a PC or device; others develop complex systems for servers and networks. This can also be attributed to developers of conventional and online games.
  2. Web developers what they do: Web developers design and create websites. They are responsible for the way it looks and for all the technical aspects such as performance and speed. In addition, they create content for the site.

Almost all universities with which we work have options for studying computer science, and at Drew University can choose a double diploma, combine computer science with something else, this will give a huge advantage when hiring. Today a person can have unlimited opportunities for training and professional growth. The list reflects only the average level of wages, different companies pay differently. A college graduate can pay $ 45,000 in the first year, and then salaries tend to only grow.


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