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Over the past few years, the number of freelancers has increased, and so has the number f freelancing platforms. It is a result of prevailing digital trends. Professional freelancing boasts numerous benefits for not only freelancers but even large-scale organizations.

Being a freelancer provides a choice of where one needs to work. They can work on projects they like and look for another project at any time. Some people work as freelancers part-time, but many have become professional freelancers. For companies, the most beneficial aspect of hiring freelancers is that they can hire extra workers when the workload increases. They do not have to provide full-time employment, and they can keep them as per project cost. It helps companies lower down the cost of hiring employees.

Today the internet is flooding with reliable freelancing websites. Each of which offers different benefits. Freelancers can choose the one that best suits their requirements. Here is a list of the top 10 freelancer websites! Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


The most common freelancing platform is Freelancer. In addition to millions of freelancing projects being posted every second, it provides freelancers to compete with others to prove their skills. Confident freelancers and experts know exactly how to convince people about their skills, and this place is perfect for them. What makes this platform a top choice is its stress-free recruitment process, where a recruiter can go through a freelancer’s portfolio and analyze their skill set. Also, the payment is perfectly secure, and monitoring the progress of a project is easier here!


Upwork is for everybody. No matter what your skills are, this platform has something for everybody. It is one of the most reliable cloud-based freelancing websites, featuring the largest employers’ pool and freelancers. Freelancers can choose projects that are feasible for them. It can be long-term or short-term projects, hourly and per-project paying projects, expert-level, or beginner level. With its profile-browsing feature and chatting facility, it becomes easier to screen out freelancers. The billing process is easier. It is the most efficient freelancer search engine, helps employees narrow down their search to the only type of freelancers their project requires.


Fiverr is a platform specifically for photographers, filmmakers, writers, and producers. Joining this platform is free. And it is brimming with entrepreneurs looking for freelancers for short-term projects. It is a fully secure platform that features a seller-level system tracking their projects. In return, it provides these sellers a chance to get listed the featured in promotional listings. It also provides a secure communication channel and transparency where a buyer can go through all the information of a seller, and the payment system is protected and simple. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


Skyword is a platform specifically designed for content marketing solutions. It is filled with freelancers that look forward to working in the creative sector. It is a pool of talent for organizations looking for graphic designers, videographers, media influencers, and writers. This platform helps people in saving their time by providing a streamlined process of work. It allows a user to design a campaign from the very initial stage. This platform works in many countries, opening the door to international customers, and it also features tools for multitasking!


Toptal is where the top professionals can be found that are fluent in the English language. It is a platform specifically for finance experts, designers, and software developers. It is the right place to hire freelancers for critical and time-sensitive projects. In only three weeks, Toptal finds for organizations the perfect freelancer. The screening process is extremely strict and comprehensive, which only the top skilled can pass. Also, the freelancers recommended by Toptal make it easy for the worker to integrate within the organization. If the recommended freelancer fails to complete the project, this platform returns the money!


It is a platform where freelancers can look for web projects such as web development, SEO, and designing. Numerous features make Peopleperhour a top freelancing website. In-app messaging, proposal reviewing, account management, and invoicing, making it easier for the companies and freelancers to choose the best projects. Managing freelancers has never been this easy, as with this platform, it becomes easier for organizations to oversee freelancer’s ongoing projects. The escrow protection feature is greatly beneficial to analyze if the freelancer is fulfilling all the job requirements.


99designs is a perfect platform for not only the experts but even beginners can use it. Its global reach, talented members, and service flexibility are the top features that make this one of the top-ranked freelancing platforms. The 99nonprofit is a highlighted feature of the platform. It can be used by startups and organizations that need the services of a freelancer but cannot afford one. They can choose the best designs through a free contest; they do not have to pay for the design. But the freelancer designer gets paid for their work. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


Guru is among those freelancing websites that makes it super-easy for organizations to find the perfect freelancer for their project. Right on the homepage, free-of-cost job postings can be created, and the required skillset can then be set. Task management is also very convenient through the dashboard. The paid job postings enjoy the perks of being visible in the top results. The payment method on this platform is safe and secure, helping in making transactions stress-free.

College Recruiter:

As its name suggests, College Recruiter is specifically for college students and recently graduated people. It is an excellent way to jumpstart a career. Many students wish to work part-time to cover their college expenses. With this freelancing website, they can get freelancing projects with much ease.


WriterAccess is a platform for freelance writers, editors, proofreaders, translators, and content strategists. Reviewing performance data and reviews is easier on this freelancing website. The buyers can then analyze if a freelancer is worth hiring based on the experience and through their portfolio. It is one of those freelancing websites that offer helpful content creation tools and numerous resources for multimedia.

These are the top 10 trending freelancing websites providing experts to make extra money or work on their own will from home. Freelancing surely is a convenient way to work and earn money, and these platforms provide the right opportunities. Also, it gives businesses a platform where they can look for expert and professional freelancers. It is a perfect place to start a job hunt or hire the best professionals!


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