Women in Finance: A Closer Look

Women in Finance - Complete Controller

According to a report submitted by the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap in 2017, women and their talent are still among the most underrated resources in many industries, including finance

When it comes to making finance a career, female representation is on a continued decline. Even though forty-nine percent of our financial servants/employees are female, that number is only fifteen percent when it comes to looking for representation at the executive level.  Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

After interviewing a few members of the Finance Council in Forbes who were female executives and are constantly crossing limitations and breaking barriers, a few things came to attention.  Here are a few things a person needs to know about the women in finance:

  1. The Gender Gap in Finance Is both a Challenge and An Opportunity

It is not new that the industry of finance is visibly male-dominated, and it can be easily defined by a phrase called “an old boys club.”  This is largely due to the majority of men who are second or third generation as their father or a relative was initially in finance. This is one of the most common reasons why women often have trouble receiving the recognition they deserve, as they are a minority in the industry, to begin with. 

The gender gap can be a disadvantage for women as they have a hard time getting the credit they deserve. However, it also creates an opportunity for women to seek out representation and achieve positions at an executive level. There is no doubt that gender difference is a big obstacle, but it’s nothing a woman can’t overcome with hard work and determination.  Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


  1. Finance is about More Than Just Money … It’s About Making a Difference

A career in finance is not simply a way to get by and manage everyday expenses. After interviewing many women actively involved in the business of finance, it is clear that most consider it a calling and a purpose in life. They wake up every day with fire in their eyes because they know that they make a huge difference for families and people around them.

It’s a fact that the people involved in the finance industry look at their work as a positive calling that is impacting the lives of people all across the globe.  Many consider a career in finance as a support system to help people who are unable to generate sufficient savings work towards saving more money through constant help and guidance.


  1. A Finance Professional Never Stops Learning

In addition to self-sacrifice, the women who work in “Forbes Finance Council” said that they like to use intellectual stimulation to help them stay motivated throughout their career. Financial markets change and are impacted by everything.  No two days are rarely ever alike as it’s always evolving and changing, forcing people to do their best every time. For example, Kayce is a successful female worker in a field related to finance who likes to encourage women from all across the country to understand all the different opportunities available in the field of finance. She believes the field has a lot to teach people as they grow and develop a vision. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


  1. Women Are Creating the Future of Finance

Women working for the Forbes Finance Council are determined to make a name by founding their own startups and welcoming new initiatives along with developing a new culture. They believe in doing it their own way by creating their own brand. After the rise of fintech (financial technologies), both economic industries, along with fintech firms, can now enjoy new narratives. Such companies play a vital role when it comes to helping and providing better communicating options.


  1. The Future Is Bright for Women in Finance

It is no secret that there is a gender gap when it comes to our finance industry. However, the Forbes Finance Council’s female members are changing the course, and because of their efforts, things are improving across the globe.

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