Why Your Children Should Learn Technology and Computer Code at an Early Age

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It is important to integrate code learning into school curriculums at an early age. It helps them to stay motivated and match the pace of the growing world. Technology is not going anywhere except forward, and waiting until college or technical school is too late to be competitive when it comes to innovation. Even if schools don’t catch up with the technology by creating more computer coding classes that can translate into workforce skills upon graduation (or in summer jobs during high school), parents should consider getting their child into classes outside of school. Here is why your children should learn technology and computer code from an early age. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Smart Career Move

In the professional world, where technology is used daily, knowing the basic operating principles of PHP, HTML, and other Python languages can be useful even when you are not looking for an IT career. “For other professions in constant contact with IT (engineers, managers, salespeople, architects, etc.), the construction of a real ‘good computer science’ is essential and can only result from a real training,” wrote the Academy of Sciences in a report (PDF) published in May 2013.

The director of the information system of a telecom operator was so desperate for “the complete misunderstanding between the 5% of employees of the operator whose computer is the job and the other 95% who use it daily. ” “Without a doubt, the industry needs more computer scientists, always better trained, ever more professional, on the lookout for new technologies, continues the text. But the industry no less needs employees who have acquired and assimilated a general computer literacy that allows them to interact effectively with their IT colleagues and take the critical distance from their work tool. “

Computer Code is in Modern Culture Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Teaching how the technological tools that have invaded our daily lives function, the code is even a necessary condition for forming a critical spirit, say its defenders. That the under-18s are very comfortable with a smartphone in the hands or behind a keyboard does not change anything: “Who can still believe that in a society steeped in digital, it would be sufficient to be trained only uses? “wrote the Computer Society of France in January, in a report  (PDF) to defend the teaching of discipline in high school.

“By way of comparison, when it comes to preparing the future citizen for public health issues, the State does not just tax cigarettes: for a long time, science courses have been living and the Earth, compulsory from the beginning of the college, make it possible to understand the sexual reproduction, the functioning of the respiratory system and to influence the behavior of each one knowingly,” continues the association founded in 1985.

According to Jean-Pierre Archambault, president of the association Public Education and Computer Science, the questions relating to the networks that have arisen in recent years in the public debate make this learning even more necessary. On laws like or the law of military programming [including an article on access by the state to the digital data of an individual without judicial control], if we have absolutely no mental representation of what he returns, we are excluded from the debate.

Still, for ordinary people, the different computer programming languages may seem obscure. One only has to look at the HTML code of an info page, where unusual symbols sit side by side with English terms, to realize it: Many initiatives have been taken to make the learning of the discipline accessible to the youngest. In the United States, the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has developed Scratch. This programming system makes it possible to intuitively create animations or games since it involves stacking blocks using the mouse. This program has been translated into French. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

All in All

Our children are growing up radically in a different world than us. If they do not learn the basics of technology and computer coding, they won’t keep up with the world’s pace. Coding has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, and that is good news since kids who learn coding from a young at can welcome a lifetime and a handful of opportunities for success.

Coding must be made mandatory in every school to invest in our generations’ future and make the world easier for everyone. Moreover, with the technological development taking place daily, you can’t help but keep yourself on track for an innovative tomorrow. So, if you’re not investing in the future, then there’s no way we can reach the excellence destined for tomorrow.

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