Don’t Buy a Used Copy of QuickBooks

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What is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is an accounting software package that Intuit develops. This software is an assisting program that helps you carry out various accounting solutions with ease and organization. The software targets small to medium-sized businesses to help with their accounting services. It is now also available with cloud-based versions complete with payroll, pay, and manage bills functions.

How is QuickBooks Beneficial for Your Business?

QuickBooks is your ultimate accounting tool if you are a small business or a start-up. Some of its unique features and benefits it could bring to your company are as follows. Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Money management

QuickBooks has features that help small and medium-sized businesses manage their finances and money. This software allows you to keep track of transactions, pay timely bills, and record each transaction for audit purposes.

Expense billing

The accounting software allows you to record and tally your expenses, whether big or small, to track your money better.

Sales invoices

QuickBooks allows you to create and print invoices at the touch of a button. Hence, it helps you track your inventories properly and ease your business operations.

Why You Cannot Buy a Used Copy of QuickBooks

Intuit and all partners licensed for the sale of QuickBooks are strictly against buying and using old copies of this software. Customers who purchase used copies of the program and try using it always face problems and issues, leading them to not get the best results from the software. This dissatisfaction causes customers to cease using the software, wasting a lot of money and resources. All customers are strongly recommended to buy new copies for a better experience and smoother performance. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

The most common problems faced by those who buy a used copy of QuickBooks are listed below.


QuickBooks could be installed using a CD or buying an online version and downloading it to your system. However, as the installation process progresses, the software asks you to provide a certain license and product number.

If your copy is original and new, the license and product code are provided, allowing you to continue the installation. However, if your copy is used or comes from an unauthorized dealer, you will not have the correct license and product number. As a result, you will not be able to install the program and, in turn, lose your money and time to do something tunproductivefor your start-up or small business.

The customer help desk is always available to sort out your issues if you face a problem when downloading an original program.


If, by any chance, you have the original license and product code for a used copy of QuickBooks, there is a considerable chance that you will have issues registering the software. LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault

Intuit verifies if you have a genuine version of the original software by asking you to enter your Intuit account details. Furthermore, you are requested to put in contact numbers and mailing IDs. If a used copy is installed, Intuit will detect the software version you are trying to use and recognize it as registered under a different name already. In that case, it will deny you access to your program or access only limited features of the software.


Even if you somehow manage to get through the process of registration and installation, the limited features that Intuit would allow you access to will not provide you with the results that a new software would. Hence wasting valuable resources such as time and money and a disgruntled customer experience.

It is suggested that buying a used copy of the software and installing a new version of QuickBooks for your small business or start-up is a bad idea. is better

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