Why Should You Move to Automated Accounting Systems?

Automated Accounting Systems - Complete Controller

Believe it or not, your company’s accounting system is probably the heart that pumps the required financials to the rest of the departments. While accounting may seem tedious to most of us, it’s essential to maintain and run a company’s unparalleled financial structure. Before the advent of computers, accounting was a much more difficult job to pull off, keeping ledgers and sheets on paper and reconciling a year’s data by literally going through every page of hundreds of registers. Thankfully, with time, accounting systems evolved. Today, we have automated and cloud-based accounting systems that avoid spending too much time on simple calculations and focus more on the actual work. Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Unfortunately, many companies are still skeptical about using automated or computerized accounting systems. If you are among them, then here are a few benefits that would compel you to switch to improve your company’s overall accounting process:

Cost-Effective & Less Time Consuming

As established earlier, the traditional ways of accounting consume a lot of time while producing minimal results. Employee morale goes down, and companies suffer due to the lack of productivity and timeliness. Resolve this issue with an automated accounting system. With a computerized accounting system, you won’t have to manually record numerous transactions or calculate the balance now and then. For instance, if you send an invoice through the system and the customer pays, it will automatically add cash to the ledger, minus it from accounts receivable, and add it to the profit and loss sheet. The entire process is automated.  Cubicle to Cloud virtual business

Builds Perspective with Increased Financial Visibility

The second crucial thing an automated accounting software can do is give you graphs, charts, and a lot of other regularly updated data. With this data, you and your stakeholders can quickly view financial information and make decisions. In a traditional accounting setup, this is nigh impossible. Stakeholders and management would wait for months to get the final outlook of their accounts. Accounting teams would make monthly balance sheets by taking the balances from ledgers and t-accounts. With an automated system, everything is regularly and automatically updated.

Lesser Chances of Errors, Precision Guaranteed

Another major problem with traditional accounting methods is that a minor error in numbers can cause ripples in the entire financial structure. One additional zero in a transaction would make the balance as the whole go off. And, to find and rectify this error would be impossible, considering employees would have to go through hundreds of transactions. With an automated accounting system, since the calculation is done automatically and not manually by a person, the chances for errors reduce to almost zero. If there is an error, you can search for the data and rectify it. You won’t have to manually check thousands of transactions to find the error. Exit Advisor

Third-Party Software Integration

Lastly, with an automated accounting system, you can integrate other software such as inventory management, invoicing, and the like to create an ecosystem of your company’s financial data. When you add an item to the stock, the cost paid and inventory accounts automatically update the ledgers. Similarly, when you send an invoice to a client, it is automatically updated in accounts receivables.

Should You Switch to an Automated Accounting System?

With the advancement in technology, it is becoming easier to regulate mundane tasks and prone to errors in software and applications. Accounting is one such process that requires precision, dedication, and a lot of time to give you the overall financial outlook of your company. Why do it all manually when an automated accounting software can do the job of ten employees alone? Not only this, a computerized accounting software would cost less and be more effective. Any business in today’s world that wants to grasp their accounting process should have automated accounting software to ensure no errors and high accuracy in the numbers.

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