Stick with QuickBooks? Here’s why

Stay with QuickBooks - Complete Controller

We live in a time where technology changes faster than fashion trends. Every other day, we hear about the demise of certain technology and the birth of another. From email to QuickBooks, people quickly say that a specific tool or platform doesn’t work or isn’t relevant anymore.

The question is – does technology ever die? Not if it evolves.Cubicle to Cloud virtual business

QuickBooks is one of those rare tools that has survived the test of time by staying up-to-date and even ahead of the times. Some firms are now switching to upgraded accounting software, but that doesn’t mean QuickBooks is obsolete or in any way less advanced.

The fact is that QuickBooks is still used by more than 500,000 small businesses worldwide. The main reason behind its success is its simplicity and ease of use, which have only improved over time. Accountants and bookkeepers who aren’t up for making their clients pay an excessive fee swear by QuickBooks. They only recommend an upgrade to a more complex system when the businesses have grown beyond a certain size.

4 Good Reasons You Should Stay with QuickBooks

QuickBooks is scalable enough for your business

QuickBooks is good enough for an enterprise with up to 30 users. Some upgrades allow businesses to keep their accounting expense within their budget while scaling their accounting software per their needs. If your accountant or bookkeeper is telling you to pay for a fancy tool while your business is still in its infancy, the only thing you should consider changing is your accounting service provider. QuickBooks delivers scalability without compromising data integrity.CorpNet. Start A New Business Now

QuickBooks can be industry specific

Don’t let anyone fool you into investing in a tool that claims to be more industry-specific. You will end up paying for nothing but a generic product with a fancy mask. QuickBooks has come a long way, and a vast community supports this tool. There are numerous modules and add-ons that can help you enhance the capabilities of QuickBooks without breaking the bank. Some of the most popular modules include retail, manufacturing, contractor, and non-profit.

QuickBooks can be seamlessly integrated

Integration is crucial to the efficiency and performance of any tool or software. QuickBooks Enterprise can now be integrated with several enterprise systems, including CRM and inventory management systems. This seamless integration promises better workflow, but a bit of custom development is required. A reputable accounting service provider or bookkeeping service will help you make the most out of QuickBooks.Complete Controller. America’s Bookkeeping Experts

QuickBooks helps with tracking and reporting

Essentially no tool can be of any real benefit unless it can provide insightful reports. When it comes to accounting, tracking and reporting are extremely important. QuickBooks allows you to generate charts and reports per your firm’s needs. The enterprise version even allows the creation of consolidated statements from multiple files. There is a complete customization option to meet your company’s reporting requirements.

Last but not least, QuickBooks simplifies the whole process of tracking inventory and managing accounts over various locations. A full range of third-party software and systems is designed to work with QuickBooks to enhance its capabilities according to your needs.

The Bottom Line

Advanced accounting tools are not only complex, but they can also be costly. QuickBooks is a trusted and affordable option. However, it all depends on your accounting service provider or bookkeeper as to how effective any accounting software can be, including Quickbooks. For any business owner who thinks their company has outgrown QuickBooks, the safest option is to contact accounting or bookkeeping professionals who know the tool’s proper utilization. You will be surprised to know how much more it can offer when used by professionals who know how to use it to its fullest potential.

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