Why Invest in Content Marketing

Why Invest in Content Marketing- Complete Controller

Improve Your Google Ranking

A verse in digital marketing goes like this: the best place to hide a body is the 2nd page of Google. You may or may not like this game, but 95% of users do not make it to the second page of the search engine. So, if you want your business to be prominent on the internet, you must be on the front page. That’s where content marketing comes in.ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

Two trillion Google searches take place every year to give you an idea of ​​the size of this opportunity. The Google algorithm considers specialized and relevant content production an essential criterion for ranking among the top results. This improvement in ranking increases the chances that the right audience will find your business, that is, those who might be interested in what you sell.

Expanding Business Influence

In addition to attracting more people interested in your content, you can also spontaneously increase the reach of your business; this means that you increase the chances that your posts will appear to more and more people.

Most people are on the internet for connection, fun, and information. Unless your business is entertainment, providing information is the best chance for people to find your business. But not just any data. You need to know your audience very well to fit your language and give them exactly what they want and need. People tend to share information they find valuable and exciting on social media and with friends and family; this creates an entire network that allows your publications to reach more and more people.

Another fact that helps to increase its reach is that people are naturally curious. So, it is likely that many of them will want to visit your business page or profile to find out more if you are the face of your business, meaning more traffic to your sales site and more chances to make new customers.Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Driving Cost-Efficiency

One of the main reasons you invest in content marketing is that it costs 62% less than traditional marketing (based on selling products or services only through ads). This conventional process tends to be less well-received by consumers and consequently becomes less efficient.

To better understand this data, 78% of companies are not as satisfied with the conversion rates generated by ads alone, making it necessary to spend more money to attract customers and close sales. If you only focus on ads, you can get good results, but chances are, it will cost you more than it could.

Think with me; if you use content marketing in your strategy, you will more easily attract people with an affinity with your business. These people start to get used to and build rapport with you and your business. Hence, when you display an ad to sell, chances are it will happen more naturally, and you will get a better result. And this combination makes your costs cheaper.

Maximizing Marketing Efficiency

One of the great benefits of content marketing (and one of the reasons it generates savings for your company) is that you can reuse your productions. If your company publishes a blog article per week, you can extract excerpts from it to post on your social networks during those seven days, for example. You can also apply the same principle to your videos. You can adapt a single recording for YouTube, Facebook, and IGTV.CorpNet. Start A New Business Now

Another idea is to send a weekly newsletter about the content your company has produced during the week or month to your email list. It means you can increase the chances of your messages getting into users’ inboxes. A weekly newsletter helps you keep in closer contact with your audience and decreases the chances of your sales emails being seen as unwanted by providers such as Gmail.

Maintaining an adequate frequency of valuable messages for your list will likely go where you want it: your inbox when you send a sales email.

Unlocking Sales Potential

If you still need clarification about why investing in content marketing is vital to your business, look at this data. More than 50% of consumers say that reading a blog influences their decision to buy a product.

In other words, if your company still doesn’t invest in content marketing, you may fail to close up to half the sales you could. That’s because you control everything published on your communication channels, whether a blog or a YouTube channel. This autonomy allows you to teach people about the advantages of your product, clarify doubts, and awaken interest in what you sell.

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