Why Does Insurance Exist?

Why We Need Insurance - Complete Controller

Facing any risk, we must protect ourselves and understand that we cannot walk around with armor or inside a bubble. We should anticipate and prevent unforeseen events that would prove difficult and stress our economic future and stability.

Daily, we encounter events that put at risk our resources, our health, and even the future of our family. Similarly, there are unexpected issues we face or have a fear of happening. When these events become a reality, they first attack our financial status. That is why people prefer to have insurance benefits coverage so any unforeseen expenses will not disturb personal cash flow. Complete Controller. America’s Bookkeeping Experts

Below are different insurance coverages to research and purchase to protect your assets, yourself, and your family when facing unforeseen circumstances or damages.

Car Insurance

Typically, when we start working, we first want to buy a car for which we save or incur debt. It is also the first important asset we appreciate because of its service and the effort put forth to acquire it. However, we expose ourselves to possible theft or damage through daily use. 

If theft or damage occurs, would the financial strain to replace or fix the car be insignificant, manageable, or disastrous? It is possible that if we do not have insurance to protect the car, which took so much effort to acquire, it will force us to replace or repair the vehicle using resources we do not readily have available. It is best to have car insurance in place at acquisition to avoid unnecessary expenses in the event of an emergency or loss. CorpNet. Start A New Business Now

Homeowner’s Insurance

Here is another example of insurance coverage. Shortly after buying our car and as we grow, the next significant purchase that we all want to make is a house. It causes us to work even harder, save more, incur more debt, or invest any income surplus. But, much like our car, our house is not exempt from a flood, fire, earthquake, or robbery.

If one of these terrible events happens, will we be upset that our capitalhome, and family security disappeared without taking preventative steps? The most straightforward answer for this case will also be having a homeowner’s insurance policy that protects our property, home structure, and contents.

Disability and Life Insurance

In addition to car insurance and homeowner’s insurance, it is important to detail and discuss disability and life insurance. After a time, most people desire to start a family, so our new goal is to work hard and give them all possible comforts, meet their needs, and build a future together. Income plays an important role in the family, but what happens if future circumstances prevent you from working and earning an income? ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

If an accident disables you, disability insurance can financially assist you and protect your income. For example, disability insurance is vital for a medical professional who relies on his hands to work. If he is injured, this disability insurance coverage will help offset his expenses when his income is in jeopardy.

Similarly, life insurance will guarantee an insured value your family will receive if they are listed as a beneficiary if death occurs. This value could serve as an additional income or money to invest and can still guarantee future dreams and the stability of the family.


The cases mentioned above are only examples, but there are risks in every personal and professional activity. Fortunately, insurance is available to mitigate these risks and become a true solution to meet needs. Insurance is a factor worth the redundancy because it helps ensure our future financial stability, protects us, and gives us the peace of mind to continue living.

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