Which types of employees are you hiring?

In the work environment, we usually are met with a multitude of personalities and ways of doing things. The vast majority of you, surely have shared the day’s work with the typical partner who is always thinking about what will be the next, and down the line you will not be able to point them out in a crowd.

Alternatively, you still recognize that partner who provokes conflicts where peace and cordiality existed or that partner who is slower than a turtle when it comes to finishing his work. In this article, you can find a list of 14 types of workers that are usually part of companies.


Types of workers and their main weakness

There are many types of employees and each company is a different world, where many personalities coexist.

Below you can find a list of 14 types of workers with whom you have probably shared your workday at some time. How does each one behave?


  1. Toxic

The relationship with co-workers is one of the great motivating sources to go to the place of employment and perform good professional work. Not only that, but different studies have shown that the relationship between workers, in the case of being positive, acts as a buffer to reduce stress or burnout .


  1. Defeat

At work, just as in life, we can meet people who have different ways of seeing life and different attitudes towards it. Generally, these types of people are the same at work and outside of it. Sometimes we can meet with defeatist people, who have a low perception of self-efficacy in what they do .


Self-confidence lowers its impact on the quality and quantity of the work it develops and on the different relationships it has with the different actors that participate in its work world: bosses, colleagues and clients.


  1. Perfectionist

Another type of worker that we can find and that, as in the previous case, his behavior can have repercussions on the effectiveness and efficiency of his work, is the perfectionist worker. Doing things well is good, because companies want to have efficient and productive workers.

But the perfectionist worker is the one who takes work home and is never happy with what he does, which affects his health and can lead to series of stress and anxiety. Although many think that being a perfectionist is good, these types of people get frustrated quickly because they always see imperfections even when things are going well and often have a bad assessment of themselves.


  1. Clueless

There are some workers who are not very methodical and can become clueless and forgetful. These workers can cause problems or add more work to other employees because of their incompetence. Generally, it can be a cause of poor organization, lack of motivation or even boredom syndrome at work, which is known as boreout.


  1. Slow

On the other hand, there may be workers who hinder the work of their colleagues by being slow and not having the tasks completed on time. This can also be a cause of poor organization, lack of motivation or that they do not know how to do their job well. So it can be a mistake in the selection of personnel.


  1. Gossip


The toxic partner tends to have a bad intention and destabilize the work environment. Although without a bad intention, in occasions, we can find ourselves with the gossip worker. He is a type of worker who always goes where he is not called and is more aware of what happens in the personal life of his colleagues than of doing his job correctly.


  1. Cocky

The cocky worker is a worker who thinks he knows everything and is the best . They tend to be charismatic people who can be good at the beginning, however, they are not very cooperative and do not favor teamwork.


  1. Opponent

The opponent is a type of employee who always has the opposite. Whatever the reason, you always have something to say, whether relevant or not. The important thing is to say yours. The opponent can be heavy.


  1. Pesetero

The pesetero is the worker who only looks for the pasta. You can be a good worker for commercial jobs, because money is your great motivation. However, they are very individualistic and are not reliable at all. They can leave at any time without any consideration.


  1. Quejica

The whiner has a bad predisposition towards work and always complains about everything. He may not be motivated by his work or he simply detests being in that company. Constant complaints are a bad symptom and it is necessary to talk to this type of worker. Possibly this worker’s place is in another company.


  1. Selfish

The egoist is the typical person who only looks for himself. Companies currently value teamwork for its benefits, so this type of workers often have difficulties to fit into work groups.


  1. Robot

There are people who are very creative and fit into a certain job; and other people are rather practical and robotic and fit better in a job, for example: in the chain production of a factory.


  1. Ambitious

Ambition can be good in companies that promote development within the organization. However, the excess of ambition, can negatively affect the performance of work for a certain position. For example, if someone wants to be a short-term director and has to start from the bottom. This can cause him to become discouraged quickly.


  1. Ball

As written in an article on Pay someone to write my coursework online, the ball is the one that is always hanging around the boss’s area and that is always behind to make compliments and fill his ear with praise. These types of behaviors can have an impact on their relationship with coworkers.

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