When Artificial Intelligence Meets Cloud Management

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Which technology was more history-altering, AI (Artificial Intelligence) or the Cloud? 

This question can spark an eternal debate, but there is simply no correct answer to it. The best thing about how technology has changed our lives is that there was always more than one development driving the change. For decades, we have been reading about how the internet is the best thing that has happened to this world. Over time, the honor shifted to mobile communication. The past few years have been all about Cloud-computing. However, the one technological advancement that remained constant was Artificial Intelligence (AI). LasPass – Family or Org Password Vault
Just two decades ago, AI seemed like a concept that was limited to Hollywood movies and science fiction. However, today, AI is behind most of the technology we use. We have already witnessed the invention of self-driving cars, and some robots can even pass standardized tests with flying colors, but is AI only limited to robotics? No, because when AI merges with other technologies, it has the power to amplify their abilities and remove their limitations. In fact, AI is currently improving and advancing cloud-computing capabilities.

What Will Happen When AI Meets Cloud Management? 

Technology gurus are already working on a new breed of cloud-computing technologies that are powered by AI. With Artificial Intelligence driving the applications, we can reach a whole new level of automation where we can expect self-driving applications capable of decision-making. The decisions will be based on real-time data and intelligent assessment of that data. Not only are industry experts planning for this innovation to save time, but it will also ensure better, more calculated decisions. This is great news for enterprises dealing with Big Data. Exit Advisor  

As a matter of fact, we can say that Big Data has been a critical factor behind the merger of AI in cloud management. The IoT (the Internet of Things) can also be counted as a Big Data accomplice as more and more enterprises are deploying technology based on IoT. Because we have seen a figurative explosion of data, we need smarter technology that can process, analyze, utilize, and manage it in the least possible amount of time.  

The Age of AI-Driven Enterprises 

ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits If you still think Artificial Intelligence is a thing of the future, simply look at the smartphone in your hand. Whether an Apple or Android device, every modern smartphone has a virtual assistant who helps you with your tasks and makes a decision based on your previous patterns. Cortana, Alexa, and Siri are all examples of Artificial Intelligence. If you have been using any of these options for some time, you know how they have made your life easier and tasks more convenient.
Aside from the average consumers, enterprises are also enjoying similar benefits of ease and convenience from AI. According to Google’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), enterprises are moving from mobile-first to AI-first methods and processes. The AI-first approach will optimize how we collect, organize, secure, and govern data within enterprises and data professionals. This means it will be easier to analyze the data to obtain clear and accurate insights from it. More importantly, it would be easier to make optimal decisions based on that data and will be easier to efficiently leverage larger volumes of data.

Artificial Intelligence as a Service 

As the cloud is merging with AI, many vendors have started to offer it as a service through open-source platforms. This has opened the door to smarter, more innovative solutions to problems that were previously too complicated or costly to resolve. AI-as a Service (AIaaS) will provide start-ups and small businesses an opportunity to shift to a more innovative version of the cloud without paying an excessive amount of money.

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