What to Know About Owning a Hair Salon

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For opening a hairdressing salon, the possession of a diploma is necessary. Then, to make the project a reality, you must draw up a business plan, find a place and fit it out, choose a legal status, carry out the creation formalities, and comply with the regulations applicable to hairdressing salons.

We inform you in this file of the main steps to follow to own a hairdressing salon:

Qualifications Needed to Open a Hair Salon

It is required that a man/woman present in the salon, whom the company may employ must hold one of the necessary diplomas and exercise effective and permanent control of the activity.

In practice, it is easier if the creator of the hair salon himself holds the appropriate diploma.

The Diploma Required to Open a Hair Salon

Opening a hairdressing salon requires holding:

  • The professional hairdressing certificate,
  • The master’s certificate in hairdressing,
  • Or a diploma listed in the national directory of professional certification in the same field as the professional hairdressing patent and of an equal or higher level.

As we pointed out above, it is not necessarily the entrepreneur who must hold the diploma. Hiring more than one employee with the credentials required to open a hairdressing salon can meet this accountability. Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Regulations Applicable to Hair Salons

Opening a hairdressing salon requires compliance with complex regulations. It will be necessary to be adequately informed and implement the applicable laws.

For your hairdressing services, you are free to charge the prices you want. Prices, including VAT, must be displayed, clearly visible, and understandable inside and outside the show. Invoices given to customers must include the fees excluding tax and tax for the services.

Then, the hairdressing salon being an establishment open to the public (ERP), it is necessary to comply with all the standards in force, particularly regarding safety and the fight against fire. In addition, the lounge must be maintained and laid out to ensure the safety and health of employees. On this subject, we advise you to follow this link: rules ERP Service-Public.fr.

In addition, all applicable hygiene and environmental rules must also be complied with. We advise contacting the Trades Chamber of Trades and Crafts for more information. LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault

The Financial Forecast for Opening a Hair Salon

It is necessary to make a forecast to financially study your project to open up the hairdressing salon, mainly to ensure its profitability and reliability.

To achieve your projected accounts, you must estimate and budget the turnover you plan to achieve the investments necessary to open your hairdressing salon.

We recommend you consult the many publications in our financial forecasts file.

When the project of opening a hairdressing salon is carried out by joining a brand, it is possible to gain financial information from the network to help you build your economic forecast.

Choosing the Location to Open a Hair Salon

To open a hairdressing salon, suitable and well-placed commercial premises are necessary. Traffic places, such as city centers and commercial areas, are preferred. The location is decisive for the opening of the show.

Generally, the commercial premises that will serve as a place of activity are subject to a nine-year commercial lease. It is, therefore, necessary to take all the essential precautions before validating the choice of commercial premises.

Which Legal Status Should You Choose to Open a Hair Salon?

The auto-entrepreneur status and the micro-enterprise are not perfect solutions for opening up the hairdressing salon project because deducting the charges from the taxable profit will be impossible. This point is problematic given the considerable expenses expected to operate a hairdressing salon.

You can carry out the work of the hairdressing salon in your name or by opting for the EIRL, which makes it possible to secure your assets and to have the possibility of opting for taxation of profits at the ‘Corporation tax. Complete Controller. America’s Bookkeeping Experts

What Tax Applies to Hair Salons?

The taxation of profits

The profits made with a hairdressing salon constitute industrial and commercial profits (BIC), taxable, depending on the legal status retained. The tax options are chosen directly in the name of the entrepreneur to the IRPP or the company name to the corporation tax.

VAT and other business taxes

In terms of VAT, the activities of a hairdressing salon are subject to the standard VAT rate. Products sold in hairdressing salons are subject to their VAT rates. When products are used during hairdressing services, they may be included in the amount of the service and taxable at the rate.

When creating the company, it is necessary to choose a VAT regime, and several choices are possible (VAT exemption, simplified real, everyday real). You must enter the preferred choice directly on the business creation form.

The Formalities of Creation to Open a Hair Salon

The business creator who opens a hairdressing salon has craftsman quality; he must register in the directory of trades. When the hairdressing salon operates as a commercial company, the company must also register in the trade and companies register.

The creation formalities will be carried out depending on the selected legal status. Depending on your choice, we invite you to consult one of the following files:

  • The creation of a sole proprietorship
  • The creation of an EIRL
  • The creation of a EURL or the creation of a SARL
  • The creation of a SASU or the creation of a SAS
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