I believe that one of the most valuable things I can do for my entrepreneurial mind is get an excellent night’s sleep. If I can help it, I will leave my alarm off and sleep until my body awakens naturally. Fresh out of bed, I seek out my dog and hug him – this isn’t a quick hug, it’s a heartfelt bonding hug that refreshes me and leaves his tail wagging. Having done my first good deed for the day, I check my private emails. I am very strict about giving my friends and family my private email address and NOT my business email address. So they get my undivided attention first – and that includes knowing whose birthday it is and whether I have personal appointments that day. I do this because I know that my business is going to captivate me the moment I crack open the first email. My business fuels my passion and drives me, so I have to be disciplined to address everything else before it.