We work with businesses at all stages of development and I believe that small and new businesses make the mistake of not understanding the importance of establishing a brand early on. A brand is the symbol that represents all of the hard work and goodwill that a business invests time and money in creating every day. Small business owners should be careful to obtain a trademark for their brand name and logo so no one can trade on their goodwill and, if they do, they can be stopped. Part of branding is ensuring that the website, brochures, business cards, leave behinds, web advertisements, promotional materials, etc. all represent the same name, logo, color scheme, and messaging. Consistent messaging and branding makes potential clients see you as reliable and dependable. You will look like you have been around for a while and you aren’t going anywhere – and that’s the type of enterprise people feel comfortable doing business with. Our brand has been a consistent part of our marketing from the start and here we are,  nearly a decade into our company’s journey and most of our industry colleagues can easily recognize us by our checkbox alone!