What is Process Costing?

What is Process Costing- Complete Controller

Process Costing is a method of determining the manufacturing cost at each stage, and it is assumed that the price of each unit produced is the same. As it comes under the branch of operation costing, it makes cost pricing easier. It includes accounting methods in many organizations or industries where the standardized product is produced and passed through multiple processes to be transformed into the final product.Cubicle to Cloud virtual business

The methods of calculating production costs are as follows.

First in First Out method (FIFO)

FIFO is a complex method of accounting, but it is significant in that it helps determine the cost of a product when its manufacturing is initiated, the time it is completed, and the current price of that product estimated with its initial cost.

Weighted Average Method

It is the simplest method of process costing as it depends on assumptions. The price of each unit produced remained the same until it was produced.

Average Method

It is the process of the weighted average method. The cost of the product that begins to produce is standardized rather than the actual cost. Therefore, it is sometimes called a standardized method of product costing.

You can easily find the direct costs, including manufacturing, labor, and raw material costs. In contrast, you will not find the indirect cost due to the numerous factors involved in the production. Expenses like the salary of access to employees, insurance, quality assurance, and depreciation rate all come under indirect cost. 

In an organization, production is continuous and standardized, as product costing is a sequential process, so it simultaneously calculates the cost of each unit produced. Process costing gives a complete account of price per product; therefore, you can predetermine the output cost. It reduces risk factors and additional losses. It may include the cost of byproducts and raw materials, thus satisfying the investment sheet with a direct and indirect cost.Complete Controller. America’s Bookkeeping Experts

For example, an application development organization like ABC International produces its products. Each product requires working from different departments, like the casting or production department, so the costing process is divided into different sections. Thus, accounting gets a lot easier for the direct cost of the production sector and the indirect cost of overhead labor and IT facilities.

An organization focuses more on the fact that input cost comes out as output cost. Process costing is the optimal method of monitoring all expenses included in a production process. If there is any change in the price of the raw material, then it will affect the final product cost. Therefore, it is necessary to reprice in such situations. Chevron Corporation is a petroleum company that produces petroleum products. As there are continuous fluctuations in petroleum products, management needs to keep a strict check on the production of each cost.

Cost Accounting 

When companies must make cost-effective products and enhance profits, they use cost accounting. It analyzes all prices associated with your company’s financial progress. The way price accounting is done changes according to the nature of the industry. Understand this by having an example of an advertising company. It works according to a series of different projects. In this case, job costing will refer to the correct usage of the cost accounting process. Company owners will record and analyze each project with all prices that relate, respectively. 

The manufacturing unit must analyze the cost of production. It should change from one another in which you produce all manufacturing products in terms of product variety and type. Spare parts-creating companies have features in batches. That’s why their costing process should be according to the collection costing. If they produce bulk items and standard products, the costing process will be Process Costing. The pricing strategy of the paper manufacturing unit should consist of the cost of finishing, pulp to paper, beating, and making pulp costs. Thousands should be in the pricing range. Download A Free Financial Toolkit

There are different costing processes.

Operation Costing

Process costing methods and operating costing methods are the same. The core difference between them is that it is suitable for various operations. Mostly, Toy manufacturing companies use this method. 

Unit Costing

If your team produces only one product, you will use the unit cost process to set its cost. You will divide the total price by the number of units and finalize it according to the unit cost. This method primarily benefits papertextile, and cement manufacturing companies.

Operating Costing

Define and recognize services by operation costing process for the service industry. Hospitals and railways mostly use this costing method.

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