What to Know About Coworking

Coworking Defined - Complete Controller

Being self-employed is a great challenge we have faced in solitude for a long time.

But that ended because the increase of autonomous professionals generated conditions for the emergence of new types of collaborative practices.

At the same time, networks have been formed to provide support, performance, and productivity to entrepreneurs. Collaborative workspaces are an example of this thinking. 

Today, we will talk about coworking: the idea you need to recover your joy of working to conserve the best of working in a company without ceasing to be your boss.

Let us go together to learn more about this trend that is changing various market segments. Complete Controller. America’s Bookkeeping Experts

What is Coworking?

It is a new modality that refers to the workspace and not necessarily the activity to which you dedicate yourself. You do not share the work but the necessary infrastructure.

Therefore, when discussing this new trend, we refer to coworking spaces.

One of the big problems that arose with the increase of freelancers was the impoverishment of the environment.

When you work in a company, you usually have a team of people with whom you exchange ideas, your infrastructure, and many contacts.

The Dark Side of the Free World

As you well know, much of the business success comes from intangibles. Engagement, satisfaction, and networking, among other concepts, show us how invisible energy produces noticeable benefits, like money.

The engagement makes your public advertise your brand, satisfaction motivates you to work, and networking broadens your business vision and contacts.

That is what we mean when discussing intangible determinants of success; not everything can be bought.

If you are depressed, you will not have the performance necessary for your audience to become a referrer of your brand. If you are alone, you will not have a diversity of opinions.

In conclusion, working at home can be a double-edged sword.

Therefore, we have gathered some examples of companies dedicated to coworking so that you know about that possibility and understand more about it. Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Advantages and Challenges


  • You have a schedule that organizes you and an environment with whom to network and exchange ideas.
  • You will not be so interrupted in your routine
  • You meet new people who can collaborate with you
  • You leave your house and make your family life more preserved
  • You have the flexibility of schedules and frequency
  • You can receive clients in a more professional environment


The challenges are related to codes of coexistence. When we work at home, we create a custom-made routine, and we lose the habit of negotiation because we send ourselves.

That impoverishes us because we live in a society where businesses depend on interactions.

A large percentage of entrepreneurs do not know how to negotiate. Therefore, take all the challenges that may appear and englóbalos in one: learn to deal.

Be clear in your demands and be tolerant of others. And if you see that you have difficulty, start with a period less than once a week.


Next, I will cite three examples I looked for so that you have a clearer idea of ​​these spaces and can see that you are not just the different one.

Different people invented coworking. Let us see the examples.

We Work

“We work the space that works for you. From desks to offices or exclusive venues, we create environments for productivity, innovation, and connections. “

In this way, our first example is self-defined, certainly the most famous. It offers space for self-employed entrepreneurs and large companies wishing to reinvent themselves by working days outside their daily work environment.

With 562 locations in 98 countries (including Argentina, Colombia, and Spain), this coworking giant carries out its essential mission: to create a world where people work to live life, not just survive.

And even more, if you are one of those who loves animals, you are not alone! You can bring your pet. LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault


There was a time in prehistory or the Middle Ages, I do not remember well, in which women had fewer job opportunities because they were mothers.

Fortunately, humanity has overcome that dark age, and today, being a mother is no longer synonymous with unemployment. If you are a mother and your dream is not to be a housewife, you are not alone!

Co-mother is a community made by and for women. Based in Mexico, it was born from the desire of a group of women to raise their children without having to stop working.

Paola Tabachnik, its founder, called two friends and told them about ​​renting a space, adopting a room for the children, and hiring a pedagogue. Today is a reference to coworking. 

As they declare: “Our goal is to cover all your needs, that’s why in addition to having workspaces, we have services that will make your life easier such as Mani/Pedi, express drying, children’s playroom with specialized pedagogues, library, and much more. “

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