What is Auditing, and How is it Done?

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An audit is an investigation and inquiry of bookkeeping and accounts by an auditor compared to the physical verification of the stock or inventory. An audit can be either be done internally or by external auditors to check all accounting facts & figures of a company.  

Internal audits happen by an employee or by the head of a specific department in a company. In contrast, an external audit is done by an external auditing company or by a team of external auditors.  

All the government and private organizations go through auditing and checking their accounts and reports and cash flows to have a transparent image and maintain a good reputation in the business community. Every business gets its auditing done once a year. An independent company or organization performs this auditing process, external audit of a registered business annually. This self-governed company prepares a detailed report containing all the transactions and business deals that the company has done in a year. This audit report can be later used by the shareholders, government assistance, and the public.  

For the audit process to be clean and accurate, the company or the external auditing agency must be fair and unbiased. Otherwise, there is no such benefit of going through the drill of getting your accounts verified and making long and detailed reports of all your business communications. Exit Advisor   

Businesses can use accounting software in small or medium-size, and it helps keep the companies alert and ready all the time.  

How investors’ confidence is earned by being an audit-ready business:  

There are many advantages of being an audit-ready business. The major one is it makes you and your business reliable, and the investors and stockholders trust you enough to invest in your business, often more than once.  

  1. No fear of accountability: An audit-ready business has its accounting reports and records clear and transparent and has no fear of responsibility. Download A Free Financial Toolkit It increases the credibility of the company and makes it successful by attracting more depositors. 
  1. Increased investors’ trust:  Receiving regular and up-to-date audit reports helps increase investors’ confidence in a business. Suppose a company has a clean slate and its account information is crystal clear and updated regularly. In that case, shareholders can easily infer the business’s accounting information and won’t hesitate to invest money. 
  1. Foreign investments are quickly earned: The audit-ready business will always attract clients and depositors from within their region. Foreign investors will feel comfortable investing money in such companies because of their excellent reputation and reliability. 
  1. Good business rating: Potential investors will always look at a businesses’ rating when they want to make a significant investment. If a company has a clear previous record and gets auditing done occasionally, it will increase its rating and become a formidable competitor in the stock market. 
  1. Banks show more reliability: An audit-ready business gains the trust of the shareholders, and foreign investment companies and other lenders and banks offer more faith in such companies.  LasPass – Family or Org Password Vault
  1. Less prone to fraud and embezzlements: An audit-ready business is less prone to fraud monkey business. It will relatively reduce the chances of fraud and deceit with the help of regular audits. 
  1. An accurate financial picture: Investors want to see a clear financial picture of any business they will invest a heavy amount in, and only an audit-ready company or firm can have one with their trustworthy and reliable image in the stock market. It allows the investors to invest any amount of money without any worry or pressure. It can only obtain an accurate financial picture; accounts are maintained, and the financial statements match the cash flow. 

Investors feel no need to check daily bookkeeping. So, regular audits make a business more reliable, and the shareholders do not need to get suspicious and inspect the business records and audit reports occasionally. Through these audits, a consistent check and balance can be ensured and maintained.    

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