What is an Accountant’s Role in the Current Times?

Accountant's Role - Complete Controller

When you read the word ‘accountant.’ what comes to mind? Boring never-ending excel sheets or phone calls and extended office hours? Nope, it’s not. In the current era, accountancy is anything but boring. It is a multifaceted career path.

An accountant compiles the financial records of enterprise plans and files for taxes. They keep track of profit and loss and ensure compliance with tax rules and regulations. Their work requires accuracy and calculations.  Exit Advisor

Technology is evolving from fine to acceptable every day. Replacing human labor with AI, but the need for an accountant is still the same. The change is that now an accountant is not burdened with task-oriented work anymore. In lieu, their role has evolved into a business advisor. All thanks to the shift to dynamic accounting technology and automated software applications to secure your finances. An accountant is the most needed individual to run the show.

To showcase their actual value for the enterprise and become a sustaining part of it. They must learn new skill sets with judgment professionality and critical thinking because the need for these soft skills will never go obsolete.

Here is the list of what does an accountant do daily nowadays:

Have good soft skills:

Advancements in accounting software have minimized the time spent on routine tasks like data entry. Hence, the time you save is when you serve to analyze and review data and report the conclusions to the clients. 

To Stand out from the crowd, an accountant needs to leverage critical thinking and judgment not only to report the results. But also advise their clients from the interpretation made.

Soft skills are all about communicating to the clientele about the intuition you get from the data and reverting to your data scientist team about further improvements if needed. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

Cloud-based computing:

Besides a professional degree, an accountant must be an expert in computing with cloud-based applications and systems. Almost every business uses cloud-based accountancy software. These computing systems work over the internet and provide resources for sharing on more than one device to compute, update and manage data. 

That means that an accountant can work from anywhere, anytime. They can update and upload financial info on the system. Since they save time and money, giving enough time to perform value-added tasks. Engage with the clients and focus on business strategy, contributing to business profitability.

Data Analytics:

In this fast-paced IT world, Data is fundamental for financial decisions. Data analytics is all about monitoring, consolidating, and overseeing transactions & accounts. 

Accountants are required to maintain general ledgers and handle transactions. It is not limited to spreadsheets or numbers. Still, now unstructured information is also analyzed by a natural language processor, which enables an accountant to monitor the status of business finances effectively. We can drive powerful results and insights to generate revenue. Since everything is digitalized, creating remarkable opportunities deduce possibilities and build assets.  Download A Free Financial Toolkit


As a part of this generation, Chartered accountants have become familiar with the use of technology and not shy away from taking full advantage of it. About 86% of the accounting work is automated now, and it continues to become more and more advanced using artificial intelligence and cloud-based systems.

AI has helped accountants to be more productive and professional. The algorithm of AI helps or devices to do the routinely redundant task that was time-consuming. It has minimized the chances of errors in calculations, alongside analyzing vast amounts of data. And chartered accountants are readily adapting to it to be more efficient.

Mobile accounting:

Accountants are more independent now. They have access to cell phones which is a plus point in communicating with their clients. Mobile accounting apps help an accountant manage finances, send invoices, and receipts and make expenses or claims remotely with the smartphone. An accountant can plan out different strategies for mobile accounting and define its purpose for your company. Elaborating the functions and role it can perform.


From the above-discussed points, it is evident that accountancy is changing with new innovative ways to secure your finances. An accountant is still the most needed individual to manage it, having more tools at their leverage to unleash their maximum potential. 

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