What Help is There For Single, Divorced or Separated Parents?

Single Parents - Complete Controller

If you are a single parent, you are divorced or separated; financial aid will be beneficial to meet all the expenses of child support and education, and what about two, three, or more.

Economic benefit per child or dependent child

Although it is not exclusive to single-parent families, the economic benefit per child or dependent child under permanent family foster care or foster care for adoption purposes consists of a financial allowance for each:

Children under 18 years

Children over 18 are affected with a degree of disability equal to or greater than 65%. In both cases, the legal nature of the affiliation will be indifferent: natural, in foster care, permanent, or saved for adoption purposes. In addition, it is an indispensable condition that the child is in charge of the beneficiary. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


Parents or adopters who want to benefit from this assignment must meet the following requirements:

  • Legal residence in Spanish territory.
  • To be in charge of children under 18 or older affected by a disability in a degree equal to or greater than 65%.
  • Not be entitled to benefits of this nature in any other public social protection regime.
  • Income Limits:
    • Not receive annual income, of any nature, over $11,576.83.
  • This amount is increased by 15% from the second.
  • In the case of large families, the annual income will not exceed $17,423.84.
  • In the cases where three dependent children attend, an increase of $2,822.18 for each dependent child after the fourth, including this one.
  • No income limit will be required for recognition in requesting the allowance for children or children with disabilities. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

In the case of coexistence between the parents, the sum of the income of both will be taken into account.

Economic benefit by birth or adoption

With the economic benefit for birth or adoption of a child, in cases of large families, single parents, and mothers with disabilities, the possibility of receiving a single payment aid is offered provided that a certain level of income is not exceeded. Keep in mind that it cannot be requested in the reception cases.


  • The date of birth or adoption must be after 11/16/2007.
  • Place of birth and residence of the family within the territory.
  • Single parent family consists of a single parent with whom the child lives and who is the family’s sole breadwinner. This parent will be the beneficiary of the benefit.
  • Not be entitled to benefits of this nature in any other public social protection regime.

Unemployment benefits

If you are unemployed and your tax benefit has run out, you can apply for unemployment benefits for people with family responsibilities.


  • It is unemployed.
  • Be targeted for unemployment during one month from the exhaustion of the benefit. In addition, you must be registered during the entire perception of the aid.
  • Subscribe to the active job search commitment. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers
  • Have family responsibilities (here you can see their conditions)
  • I am not having an income, of any nature, above 75% of the minimum interprofessional salary, excluding the proportional part of the two outstanding payments.
  • If you are receiving unemployment benefits for workers over 55, you will not be able to apply.

Family Check

The Tax Agency also grants aid to parents with dependent children through the Deduction of a large family, by ascendant with two children or by persons with disabilities in charge, also called Family Check, consisting of an IRPF deduction of  $1,200 year. For this, the main requirement is to have two dependent children.

Paternity leave

In case of birth, adoption, or foster care, the paternity allowance will allow you to receive a subsidy equivalent to 100% of your salary during the days you stop working.

The maximum period of duration will be:

  • Thirteen uninterrupted days expandable by two more days for each child from the second.
  • Twenty days when the birth, adoption, or foster care occurs in a large family or if the child has a disability of at least 33%.
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