What Does a Financial Advisor Do?

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A financial advisor is a professional that assists you with financial planning. Depending on your needs, a financial advisor can assist you with one financial planning area or many. Most people don’t know what a financial advisor can do and if they need to hire one. To help you understand what a financial advisor does, here are the areas they can help you plan and manage.

Debt Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Debt is the deadliest issue in personal finances and is an issue that has to be overcome to be financially healthy and have a strong financial future. A financial advisor can show you the benefits of becoming debt-free and help you make a personal plan to get out of debt. Your advisor can also help you determine how aggressive you can afford to get you out of debt sooner and be on your way to financial freedom.


A financial advisor can help you understand what budgeting changes you need to make to reach short-term and long-term goals.  Most people avoid setting up a budget because it can be a challenging task. With the help of a financial advisor, the challenges can be overcome, and the benefits of a budget made more apparent.

Health and Long-Term Care

A financial advisor can help people prepare ahead of time for health and long-term care. Most healthy people under fifty don’t think in terms of health care needs after sixty. However, planning early for your golden years can lessen the financial burdens healthcare costs can put on you after retirement. A financial advisor can help you choose the best plans to fit your lifestyle and budget that will be comprehensive in your retirement years. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Estate Planning

It can be challenging to think towards end-of-life planning; however, the more you plan this, the easier it will be for the loved ones you leave behind. Estate planning is the best way to ensure your loved ones are cared for, and your wishes are carried out after you’re gone. Financial advisors will help you plan out every detail to ensure nothing in your estate is in question.


Retirement is the goal of every working person, and how you spend that retirement requires financial planning. A financial advisor can help you decide on and set your retirement goals and design and implement a plan to help you reach those goals before you retire.

Tax Planning

Financial advisors can help with tax planning. Unlike a tax preparation professional who you hire to prepare your taxes,  a financial advisor will help you plan how to save on taxes and give you comprehensive ways to pay less in taxes and keep more of your hard-earned money in your bank account or savings. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Investment Planning

Financial advisors can be crucial when it comes to investment planning. They can not only advise you on where to invest your money best but how to budget to raise capital to invest. Investing can be stressful, but it can be stress-free with the help of a professional financial advisor.


Most people have no idea what a financial advisor does, let alone whether hiring one will benefit them financially. Understanding what areas of finances they can assist with and what they do can help you decide if hiring a financial advisor is worth the cost. Before hiring one, please do some research and make sure it is right for you, and that you choose the right one as your financial future will be in their hands. 

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