Well-Paid Job No Degree Required

No Degree Required - Complete Controller

Do you not have a diploma but still want a good income?

Then you are probably looking for a well-paid job with a top income, even without a diploma.

Fortunately, you ended up on this page because I will show you a list of a few jobs where you can get a nice income even without a diploma.

You don’t need any training or certificates for these jobs, so that you can apply immediately! ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits


You can also become a journalist without a diploma. You must develop a good story and send it to as many different newspapers as possible. Do this until they start paying you for it, and you are a paid journalist. Get better at it by doing it more often, and you’ll become a well-paid journalist!


If you have ever bought and sold something on Marktplaats, you can quickly expand this further into a trade. So many products are offered for next to nothing that you can sell for more.

If you take this increasingly more significant, you can grow into someone who earns a thick sandwich with it.

Call Center Employee

To be a call center employee, you must be able to chat a bit, but you can certainly learn that.

As a call center employee, you do not need a diploma, and you can, therefore, also apply without needing a diploma. Companies always need someone as a call center employee.

The nice thing about being a call center employee is that the wages can also be relatively high. The salary of a call center employee is, on average, around $2,800 per month.

An additional advantage is that you can work from home sometimes. Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Collecting Garbage

Sanitation workers are far from having it so bad. A garbage collector earns quite well – on average, $3,200 per month.

In addition, anyone can start as a garbage collector, so you don’t need a specific diploma.

Being a garbage collector is also very healthy. You spend a lot of time outside, and you have enough exercise. You also work for the government in many cases, so you have excellent (secondary) employment conditions.

Stock Trading

Trading stocks can make you a lot of money, but you can also lose a lot. So don’t just start trading stocks recklessly; before you know it, you will have lost a lot of money.

It would be best to say that once you understand how it works, you can earn a lot of money – and the sky is the limit.

You do not have a fixed income—no boss who tells you what you can and cannot (earn). You and you alone are responsible for your success.

You do not need a degree to start trading stocks. Anyone can start with it, but I recommend reading well in advance.

Working in the Hospitality industry

There is currently plenty of work to be found in the hospitality industry.

Employers are eager to jump on you if you say you would like to start as soon as possible.

And yes, you don’t need a diploma to work in the hospitality industry. In addition, the salary is not that bad at all, and you often get a decent tip.

A good tip is to register in advance with the Chamber of Commerce and let yourself be rented out through sites such as Temper. You will then earn more than you are employed. Cubicle to Cloud virtual business

Become a Programmer

Companies like Google, Facebook, and Apple no longer consider education.

It’s not surprising because a course does not say how well you can program. You learn that yourself.

Build a Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing!

You have now been able to read nine high-paying jobs without a degree.

Of course, these are all good jobs, but I believe freedom is much more important than money.

I didn’t finish school, so I don’t have a diploma. I started. I earn about $7,500 per month with affiliate marketing.

The nice thing is that I only need my laptop and internet connection. You can, therefore, do affiliate marketing from anywhere in the world.

Become a Model

You (of course) do not need a diploma to become a model.

A model must rely on its looks. In addition, a (good) model often earns a lot of money. Just look at paid models like Doutzen Kroes.

To become a model, you can register with a modeling agency, but of course, you can also create an Instagram account yourself and let it grow. Plenty of models these days have become known in this way.

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