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When a small business owner plans to create a website, use cloud accounting tools, or even make a business email, they must prepare for cybersecurity. Furthermore, the increase in online business operations has also increased the theft of digital information. Cyber theft has now far surpassed physical theft.CorpNet. Start A New Business Now

Moreover, every business must protect its information from cyber theft.

Online Security Basics for Small Business Websites

The following cybersecurity strategies will protect your small business websites from cybercrimes. However, these strategies follow security basics to prevent digital information theft of mailing and bookkeeping information. Cybersecurity is essential to protect business information, customer information, and data.

Train staff in security principles

Establish policies and rules of conduct for employees. They cannot misuse or leak customer data to anyone. Additionally, ask them to keep passwords for their user accounts on their small business websites and company databases.

Shield information, computers, and networks from cyber attacks

Use an updated antivirus on your computer system. Also, always keep your computer-based machines free of malware, viruses, and online threats.

Popular antivirus, anti-malware, and registry programs that keep your machine safe and running include AVG FreeSpybot Search & DestroyMicrosoft Security EssentialsMalwarebytes Anti-Malware, and Piriform CCleaner.

Provide firewall security for your internet connection

Ensure a firewall is always on your internet connection. FurthermoreA firewall blocks outsiders from accessing your data on a private internet connection. However, if an employee works and accesses the business website from home, ensure the firewall is on their system.

Plan on how to access the website from a mobile device

Mobile phones create security issues because they can be easily stolen or misplaced. Mobile phones must also install firewalls and antivirus programs. Furthermore, install security apps on your mobile devices.

Always keep a backup of all the essential business information on the website and cloud accounting software

Back up your small business’s accounting and bookkeeping data on all computers regularly. Also, back up customer data and databases. 

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Control physical access to your computers and create user accounts for each employee

Do not give your employees passwords. Make user accounts for each user separately. Please give them limited access to data from their accounts. However, you must reserve administrative funds only for administrative staff or key personnel. So, always log out of your website version before getting up from your workspace.

Secure your wi-fi networks

If you have wi-fi, then secure it with a password. Periodically change the password if there is any fear of a stolen wi-fi password. Your wi-fi must be secure and encrypted. Overall, hide your wi-fi network.

Surf the internet separately

Use a separate computer for internet surfing. Performing business bookkeeping, accounting, and banking functions on individual computers would be best.

Passwords and authentication

Change passwords every three months or as frequently as possible. Moreover, place a different authentication system after entering the correct password to your small business website.

Beware of spam emails

Do not open links provided in emails that are not recognized.

Additionally, you can use Spam Killer, a web-based program that encrypts email addresses. Even then, do not open unrecognized links in emails.

Protect digital assets from cyber theft

Using DL Guard, you can protect yourself from customers who want to steal your downloads.

Avoid overpayment scams

Sometimes, small business owners receive emails on their website about how they have paid extra somewhere. However, the emails offer a way to pay the fee by clicking on the links or sending their information to a third party. Do not fall victim to this scam. 

Avoid lucky draws and lottery scams

If an email says your business has won an award or lottery for which you have never paid, do not open the links.

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Digital information theft has increased more than physical theft in today’s era. It would help if you adopted cybersecurity measures to protect business and customer information from potential perpetrators. Overall, strict policies and measures to ensure cybersecurity in small business websites and systems would be best.

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