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Keeping Employees Happy - Complete Controller

Retaining Staff, How do You do That?

If you consider your staff’s wishes, you reduce the chance of escaping talent. It is not enough to offer a good salary. For example, you must also communicate openly and give sufficient appreciation and recognition.

Retaining staff, therefore, requires the necessary effort. What exactly can you do as an employer? Use these five tips:

  1. Communicate in an open way

Open communication contributes to your staff’s trust in you as an employer. It would be best if you often had nothing more than an enjoyable conversation. This provides a good picture of what is happening among your staff so that you can promptly respond to prominent issues.

If this is not done enough, dissatisfaction among your staff will increase. This leads to the departure of employees. LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault

How do you do that?

  • Performance interview: The performance interview is an open and equal discussion between the manager and the employee. If you have this conversation regularly, you improve cooperation.
  • Exit interview: You have an exit interview with a departing employee. Then it is too late because you have already lost this employee. Still, you can learn a lot from this conversation and prevent even more people from leaving.
  • Get a grip on personnel costs: Read the free whitepaper with the value of personnel, all personnel costs in a row, and five ways to save.
  • Offer fun and challenging work: Fun and challenging work gives your best employees a good reason to stay. With fun chores, you motivate them extra and encourage others to do their best just as well.

Make sure that you offer them enough space to complete tasks independently. If you cannot let go of tasks and your staff is constantly behind the rags, you spoil the fun at work. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

How do you do that?

Delegating: By delegating tasks, you ensure challenging work. Give employees achievable goals (KPIs) and let go of the process as much as possible. The increased responsibility leads to higher motivation among your employees, which means that the chance that someone will leave is much smaller.

Job crafting: With job crafting, you give employees the freedom to tinker with their job themselves. With a few minor adjustments, someone can make their job much more fun and challenging.

Job satisfaction: Ensure that the atmosphere remains good in the workplace. Job satisfaction is crucial to retaining employees. Use these five tips for more fun at work.

  1. Give appreciation and recognition

Your employees like to feel that their daily efforts matter. They get that feeling when you sufficiently acknowledge and appreciate their achievements. You can show your appreciation and recognition in many ways.

How do you do that?

Money or leisure: This is the traditional way of giving appreciation and recognition. You then provide a performance reward for success, such as a bonus or salary increase. You can also let someone go home a few hours early after a satisfactory performance.

Personal gift: A unique gift is always appreciated. Think of concert tickets for someone’s favorite artist or offering a non-work-related course. A personal gift touches the emotions and goes beyond just a number on the bank account.

  1. Stimulate growth and development remain staff bind and captivate SMEs

Everyone likes to work on their growth and development. This is, therefore, an effective method to secure and delight good employees.

If an employee can use all his capacities within his current position, there is little reason to look for another job.

Because these possibilities are not used everywhere, you can easily distinguish your company from the rest. And that is how you stay ahead of the competition. Cubicle to Cloud virtual business

How do you do that?

Education or training is the most obvious way to stimulate growth and development. Make sure that the education or training is meaningful and produces something.

Alternative options: Many options are available, such as switching jobs or tasks. These are easy to apply at a low cost.

  1. Support work-life balance

More employees are struggling with their work-life balance. This is especially true for the group of employees who work a little harder than the rest. With exceptional facilities, you ensure that they can do their job better.

This not only prevents dissatisfaction among your staff but also reduces the chance that they become overstrained. Work stress is the number one occupational disease in all sectors, so prevent burnout and give your employees the necessary space.

How do you do that?

Flexible working hours: This allows employees to better align their working hours with important personal obligations, such as dropping off and picking up school-age children.

Working from home: Allow your employees to work from home. Make sure you have an appropriate work-from-home allowance and the necessary equipment. Many employees are more productive at home than at the office.

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