Ways a Farm Can Earn Additional Profit

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Those who have never been or lived on a farm may think farming is easy. While farmers generally love what they do, they will tell you it is far from an easy life. Depending on the farm’s type and size, farmers often work without breaks and earn a small amount of money. This lack of profit may trouble farmers and compel them to quit farming or question whether they should find other ways to earn a living. While it is understandable that they would feel this way, farming, for the most part, is a worthwhile endeavor and form of earning a living. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

While some farmers may have those moments of feeling as though they want to quit, if you asked most farmers if they would trade farm life for city life, they would never trade it. However, though most farmers would not trade their rural life for a city one, many will say they desire their living and life to be more comfortable. Here are a few ways that a farmer can make a profit and their current farming practices.

Grow Medicinal and Gourmet Mushrooms

Growing medicinal and gourmet mushrooms can be highly profitable as they are in high demand and fetch a higher price than other types of crops. Because of this demand, getting into the market can be a challenge. Depending on the type of mushroom, a farmer growing them can have a healthy harvest in 15 weeks with a yield of about 4 lbs. per square foot.

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  • Before harvesting mushrooms, contact and take orders from restaurants
  • Get booths at farmers or other markets and expand the reach of mushrooms along with sales
  • Gather knowledge about how to grow profitable mushrooms perfectly

Turn Field into a Campsite or RV Park

Some farms have enough land to continue farming while providing land for other uses. One such use is making a piece of the land into a working campsite or RV park. Different types of campsites can be developed. There can be sites where campers can pitch a tent and rough-it a little more, or you can have campsites that provide electricity and other amenities. Either way, most will have shower and bathroom facilities available nearby the campsites.

The idea of having some land set aside for an RV park is gaining popularity. Many of those who want to get away find rural areas a literal and figurative breath of fresh air. In some cases, farmers allow those that stay on the farm to interact and help with farming tasks as a part of the experience. This offering of a rural getaway and experiencing a different way of life can be profitable. However, the benefits to the campers and farmers can be beyond the profit gains.

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  • If offering a piece of the land as an RV park, the conversion would require slots with electricity, water, and sewage hookups.
  • Start a small shop containing necessary food items if the campsite isn’t too close to a town. Campers will love the idea of not going back to town and buy needed items and will be happy to purchase from the campsite shop.
  • A lot of people especially retired people loves the idea of living in RV’s permanently and might often spend weeks or months at a campsite.
  • Provide free Wi-Fi for campers. Nowadays, almost everyone wants to stay connected to the internet all the time, even when people are outside their home. The access code can be changed frequently to keep it safe from people who aren’t camping.
  • Campsites can also include playgrounds or dog parks to give additional attraction to campers or RVers.
  • You can also offer meals or ways for campers who do not have an RV with a kitchen, meal options.


Farming is not the easiest living, and therefore it can be a challenge to be profitable. While some crops are profitable on their own, it may become necessary to look for ways to make your farm more profitable. These are just a few ideas you can use to bring in more revenue while still keeping the rural life for yourself.

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