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This blog aims to illustrate how the virtualization journey is undeniably one of the fundamental building blocks needed to achieve cloud computing in a business. Virtualization creates a virtual version of computer hardware platforms, storage devices, and network resources. This is an essential step in technology development because cloud computing, generally described as data centers that are available to users over the Internet, can depend on the virtualization of existing platforms. 

As a result, from the moment the Information Technology (IT) organization virtualizes the first server, it invariably lays the groundwork for cloud technology. Virtualization is needed to move from server to server, cluster to cluster, or even across the data centers to separate the operating systems and the applications from all the underlying hardware platforms.

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The virtualization concept is also one of the primary ingredients for resourceful pooling: the ability to link computing, memory, storage, and resources across the data centers into one large virtual computer.

You can understand all of the tremendous advantages, including capital expenditure savings, by tracking the consolidation of systems and drastic savings over time. This is typically accomplished by updating and provisioning the systems and the software.

Although both transformational characteristics may deliver a lot of value early on, they are the core foundation of greater business values later in the journey. The ratio between the server administrator and the servers in one of the leading cloud providers is one to one thousand (or 1:1,000), which is, on average, more than the typical enterprise.   

Evolution of IT Infrastructure

In phase two of the virtualization journey, commonly known as Business Production, clients begin to drive operational savings by automating new server provisioning. The distribution and balancing of computing resources are all based entirely on the application load. Apart from this, there is also the restarting of servers if something goes wrong, as well as the fallover and recovery of the entire data center in case of any disaster. In this case, servers would go entirely down temporarily.

CorpNet. Start A New Business NowIn a completely virtualized data center, all the numerous tasks can be automated entirely due to the flexibility of the fundamental virtualization layer. Once these applications are accessible from fundamental hardware and begin to run on the virtualization platform, enriching them using the new cloud technologies is very much possible, even if the legacy applications were designed and built a few years ago. This evolutionary approach is perhaps one of the most fascinating advantages of the virtualization journey.

Client Experiences and Application Performance

When we, as customers, think about cloud technology, we expect these technologies to be always available and responsive. One of the greatest examples of the virtualization journey is that it allows the same kind of operative excellence in the enterprise through the virtualization of numerous business applications.

Enterprise-class virtualization stages comprised various features, including fault tolerance and high availability, designed to be readily available. Moreover, the virtualization-based recovery from disaster solutions has expanded the business continuity competence to a whole new data center.

Cubicle to Cloud virtual businessThis is why the clients who are way past the early stages of adoption and have been steadily updating their mission-critical applications and databases to the virtual environment tell us that both the new and old applications perform better when virtualized. 

Clients are changing the IT infrastructure throughout the first two phases of the entire virtualization journey. When they reach the third and final phase, what is known as IT as a Service, this all comes together, and they are ready to change the relationship with the corporate world.

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