Virtual Workplace and the Company Culture

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Digital transformation and the implementation of virtual technology is a hot topic for many enterprises. This topic is more than just the introduction of new technologies for the workplace. It is often necessary to follow it to remain competitive in a rapidly changing world. The transition to a virtual workplace is an essential step for a modern business to succeed in the business world. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

There is new research on how companies can move from the traditional environment in the office to a virtual workplace, which enhances business processes, the main objective of digital transformation. About 62% of respondents expect that in the next two years in their organizations will be introduced to such new technologies as virtual consultants and assistants. Also, 58% of respondents expect active investments in technologies to develop and improve virtual consultants in the next couple of years to build a productive organizational culture.

Bookkeeping keeps the company’s records by introducing and implementing virtual technologies and the development of the virtual workplace. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

The point is that today’s digital enterprise no longer consists of executives and managers. Employees of the organization work together during projects and interact with customers and partners. Virtual employees do not exist in the physical sense but play an essential role in the organization. Although artificial intelligence is still in its infancy, it is advanced enough to create virtual assistants in banking industries. Other than that, the execution can be different: visualized, like bots, built into specific applications. Virtual assistants use artificial intelligence mechanisms and machine learning technologies at the virtual workplace to search, prepare, and generate answers to basic questions. The organizational culture is directly linked to virtual technologies because modern organizations use advanced technologies and work virtually.

According to a poll, about 30% believe that they have advanced in their digital transformation initiatives and are already reaping the fruits. While others are still at the planning stage of the transition. 45% of respondents said that customer satisfaction grew as a result of the use of digital workstation technologies. One of the reasons why companies can abandon digital transformation is their organizational culture. Frequently used technologies and corporate culture hamper, rather than encourage, a change of approach to work organization. The organizational culture can be developed effectively by the introduction and implementation of the virtual workplace. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Nevertheless, the most critical obstacle to introducing a new style of work respondents was the complexity of the enterprise’s IT infrastructure, in the second place – the obstacles to the organizational plan.

During the survey, IT managers identified several key technologies contributing to the implementation of the digital workplace strategy: mobile technologies, BYOD, virtual office, and the virtual workplace. Mobile technologies are used by customers and companies everywhere, so the digitalization plan requires widespread use of mobile applications and services. BYOD promotes employees’ freedom to choose their working tools (computers, laptops, mobile equipment), integrating them with the corporate IT infrastructure. The development of communications, video communication, teamwork allows employees to be in touch, effectively participate in the overall work, being physically in different places.

And how do you proceed to a digital enterprise? What technologies do you use, and what do you notice improvements?

The answer to these questions can is through the advanced technologies in the company, which will mainly comprise virtual technologies. The workplace should emphasize the virtual workplace and its role in the development of organizational culture attention.

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