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Social Media to Connect during Pandemic - Complete Controller

How has the pandemic affected social media and the use of the various channels? How should we adapt the work to ensure value and good relations with our target group? Below, we share the best tips for continuing to build your brand in social channels despite the changes in the world.


How Social Media Developed During Covid-19

Many have worked remotely for weeks and been called to social distance. So naturally, this has made social media more popular than ever.

The fact that the use of social media has increased significantly is no longer news to many. And it is a natural development considering the digital age we still live in. So, this is where we look for social interaction, entertainment, and pastimes. LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault

In addition, authorities and companies have increasingly begun to turn to social platforms that attract the younger generation. An example is TikTok, which has become a channel for reaching out to the younger ones with important information about Corona.

A further trend is that social media has become a place where companies and individuals offer help and support differently. For example, many have offered their help in buying food for people at risk. We hope a nice trend will continue even when the crisis is over!


What Should We Be Thinking About in Working with Social Media?

Reviewing their work and planning with the social channels during this period is essential. Here are a few tips on thinking about your various channels to continue building your brand and trust.


Review Content Plans for the Social Channels

You can save several of your planned posts and campaigns for some time. Instead, create content that fits your target audience’s needs and behaviors here and now. For example, invest more in offering support and retaining existing customers than recruiting new ones. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits


Do Not Pretend

Continuing, as usual, can be startling and perceived as careless. Yet, regardless of whether one’s products and services connect to the pandemic, we have all had to change somehow. Tell the target group how you constantly adapt the business and show you know what is happening.


Be Present and Available

It is always important to be present and accessible on social media. And now, it is extra vital, considering we spend even more time on our social channels. Communicate, support, and maintain dialogue and relationships with your target group. You can build even deeper connections.


Be Transparent

Be transparent and communicate changes and challenges. Some companies have become entirely overloaded, while others have less and less to do. For example, are there delays in deliveries, or can you not deliver at all for a period? Have you changed opening hours or closed completely? Communicate constantly with your customers to set the right expectations.


Do Not Forget the Purpose of Social Media

There is no one-way communication on social media. It is a place for social interaction. Create content that promotes dialogue and discussion between you and the target group. Respond to comments you receive and comment on other people’s posts. CorpNet. Start A New Business Now It will also result in your posts being spread even more and you as a company building your trust.


Do Not Attempt to Capitalize on the Pandemic

Even if you still market products and services differently, the pandemic is not a marketing opportunity. Instead, ask yourself how you as a company can support your customers during this period. Your goodwill will strengthen your brand overall.


Be Careful With Your Advertising

Even if you continue advertising, ensuring it is in the proper context is vital. For example, an unnecessary mistake could be a travel company placing ads in a country forbidden to travel.


Do you have more questions or concerns about social media or digital marketing? Then, you are welcome to contact us, and here, you can read more about what we do on social media. In conclusion, we recommend the LinkedIn group and other social media open groups to take part in tips, ask for help, or contribute their expertise in the current situation.

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