Using Influencers To Promote Your Business

Fashion blogger taking picture and holding two clutch bags
Blogging is becoming one of the most effective and cost efficient ways for businesses to market their products and services. This is largely due to the fact that proficient bloggers already have a large following, meaning that anything they post is likely viewed by many potential customers. This influencer style marketing has gained immense popularity and is becoming one of the most effective ways of marketing products to desired target audiences.

Let’s dive into the different ways influencers and bloggers can help promote your business.

Generate Online Traffic

If you have a business that is largely dependent on online sales, then having bloggers writing about it becomes of essential importance. An effective blog mentioning your product or service can drive swarms of traffic to your website. This increased traffic is all organic which means it is extremely cost effective for the business. This also holds true for businesses that are retail based. Effective blogs can help these businesses get recognized and can lead to increased foot traffic. For example, a blog article for a boutique written by a popular blogger not only raises awareness but can also lead to increased sales. Blogging is the online version of word to mouth marketing and top blogger recommendations can be a huge advantage for businesses.

Generate Product Sales

Certain bloggers only write about certain topics and, thus, are considered experts in their field. For example, if a popular influencer who is well known in the food industry writes a blog about the virtues of using your product over competitors, this can be a huge endorsement and lead to increased product sales. Influencer marketing is extremely effective as a recommendation from someone you consider an expert is an opinion that people take under consideration when making a purchasing decision.

Blogs are Interactive

Another advantage of a blog is that it is often informal and set in a conversational style that urges readers to respond and comment on the material. These opinionated and often humorous blogs are an indirect way of marketing to your target audience, which is both informative and subtle. Comments left on blogs that include recommendations for your service or product can often shed light on how customers perceive your product. This market insight can lead to further understanding of customer behaviors and what can be done to improve customer satisfaction and experience.

Blogs are Easily Accessible and Free

One of the best attributes of a blog is that it is easily accessible to anyone who might be interested in the related topic. Blogs are also free to setup and extremely easy to use. Essentially, it is an online journal; all one has to do is write and post! Blogs have evolved from simple online journals to effective marketing tools for businesses.

Improves Customer Service

Blogs can also be used as a kind of interactive FAQ for your products and services. Since blogs are interactive, customers have the ability to directly submit their concerns or questions which can be answered promptly, greatly improving the customer’s experience.

Humanizes your Business

Most marketing material is either highly informative, which makes it dull, or short aimed towards a call to action. Blogs are a perfect blend of both. They are informative, but, since they are generally informal, information is not conveyed in a manner that is dry or dull. Talking about your business in an informal setting not only helps to humanize the business in the eyes of customers, but also shows that the business cares about its customer opinions and perspectives.

Establish Credibility

Generating appropriate, concise, and factual information on a regular basis helps in building credibility of the business. Customers begin to consider the business as leaders in the industry and this helps in building credibility and trust.


When used effectively, blogs can be one of the most effective ways to market to potential clients. Not only is it extremely cost effective, it is the perfect way to target a niche market. Influencer marketing and blogs are the word-of-mouth marketing tools of the future and, if you are not currently utilizing it for your business, you are losing out on potential sale opportunities.

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