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How does Inventory Management affect Income Tax Paid?

Inventory management is one important aspect of retail and manufacturing businesses. Inventory is everything that needs to be sold in order for your company to make a profit. Some might think that businesses should be stocked up at all times, regardless of the demand because it isn’t a good notion to disappoint customers. However, there […]

Going Paperless: 5 Advantages of in the Accounting Department

On a daily basis, many activities take place in an organization including production, distribution, sales and procurement. All of these processes generate invoices, memos, purchase orders and different documents every day. Most of these documents go through the accounting department, creating a mountain of paper for bookkeeping. Most of these papers contain sensitive information, hence, […]

Entrepreneurs: How To Make Sure You Get Paid

Whether you are working in the creative industry or you have your own gadget store, it’s not easy to avoid the “elephant in the room”. There are multiple mistakes even experienced entrepreneurs make while setting up their business practices and culture, which makes it harder for them to recover payments from their clients. For an […]