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When interest rates stay low for an extended period of time, it’s a sign that they will rise up sharply. This usually happens when the economy is coming out of a recession. Fixed-income investors are bound to miss out on an easy chance to raise their income levels. Therefore, you must always prepare in advance […]
In the world of internet security, virtualization of services such as storage for cloud computing is set as a high priority. Cloud computing, itself, for an IT infrastructure is the ability to use, for example, computing power and storage like databases or network assets. While it is a highly versatile solution offering almost-limitless benefits, it […]
Most companies use the formula of gross profit method as a way to estimate their inventory according to their provisional financial statements. The gross profit method is not preferred in using for the company’s annual financial statements as it is just a general estimate. If something unexpected happens which results in loss inventory, inventory estimates […]