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Signs Your Accountant is Misappropriating Business Funds and How to Prevent the Fraud

Finding out that your accountant is misappropriating business funds is difficult. They have complete knowledge and intellect to rig your records and books. If you doubt that your accountant is up to no good and are looking to prevent the fraud, here are some tips to detect those symptoms:Warning Signs in Behavior of EmployeesIf all […]

Most Common Accounting Issues That Could Harm Your Business Funding

Getting paid is one of the most thrilling parts of running a business. However, what is not as thrilling is monitoring your financials. Here are eight common accounting issues that harm your business.Make Time to Complete your TransactionsWhenever a receipt is issued, the receivable is booked, implying that a client owes you cash. Checking your […]

10 Startup-Inspired Tactics You Must Utilize to Boost Your Business Performance

Effective business performance is key to survival in the start-up phase of any company. Implementing simple tactics can ensure success in a short span of time. Here are certain areas that entrepreneurs need to be mindful of in the initial stages of the business:1. The Right Focus on Your Target Audience It is important not […]