Underestimating Self = Big Loss!

Underestimating Self = Big Loss!- Complete Controller

Stating your value far less than what it is is sometimes considered a trick to garner a vast audience that lauds you for your work ethic and appreciates what you provide in the market.

Undervaluation is a common scheme bookkeepers and accountants employ to avoid losing customers, as the world of accounting and finance is highly competitive. People are waiting to pounce on the first chance to land a job where you are right now.

But would you believe me right now if I told you that you are losing more than you’re gaining by understating your value in the market?

I know, it doesn’t sound apparent. You would assume that you cannot get out of sight of the companies since you are readily available. Losing market value is a gradual process where you lose your worth in the market because you understated your value when entering the market and are now perceptually tied to this lower valuation.

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Let’s read up on why bookkeepers often give in to this trend and how they can manage it.

Why Do Bookkeepers Often Undercharge?

Bookkeepers often undercharge their clients because, in their minds, they believe they are following an extended, strategically designed business plan that would assist them in keeping clients. This strategy often backfires, and the bookkeeper is at a loss rather than an advantage.

Another reason is that bookkeepers undervalue themselves and their services. They don’t believe in their work enough to put up a strong front and be paid for their services accordingly. This lack of self-belief adds to the factor of fear as well. Most bookkeepers believe that if they state their value for what they think they are, the client may end up upping and leaving to find other potential matches in this vast market. They may also be underconfident about their work.

Bookkeepers are also known to put themselves in the shoes of their clients. They believe their work is easy and their employer will not value their position enough to pay them a large salary. This mentality doesn’t get them far as they start undercharging. Undercharging for bookkeeping services benefits the client, while the bookkeeper loses more than they are gaining.

Complete Controller. America’s Bookkeeping ExpertsChange The Mentality

You and all your other bookkeeper acquaintances need to change your mentality to create a shift in the narrative.

My mentality, the thought process that goes into undervaluing yourself, has to change.

You need to understand you may be able to do a job in less time than someone without experience or skillset. Finishing tasks quicker may make you think you are giving the job less time than the other individual. Remember, the client is not paying for your time; instead, they pay for the skill you have acquired through years of education and hard work. They are also paying for the expertise that allows you to get tasks done quickly, as you can only gather such knowledge through experience.

This mentality could completely change the game for you. Through this mentality shift, you could create a pedestal that would catapult you into the market and allow you to garner an audience that appreciates and values you.

Confidence is Key

If you think you are not worth your clients’ fee, you may want to reflect on when you started. Think of all the hours you spent cracking issues only because you can now do all this work.

Be confident in your work and always believe in yourself. You are not overcharging; neither are you incapable. Your expertise is valuable when you can solve all the problems, so you are worth every penny. By undermining yourself, you are losing your value and giving your clients the idea that you are unsure of your work, which would give them the confidence to take advantage of your services.

CorpNet. Start A New Business NowConclusion

In conclusion, undervaluing oneself, especially among bookkeepers, may initially seem like a strategic move to secure clients in a competitive market. However, the long-term consequences reveal a significant loss of market value. Bookkeepers often fall into this trap due to a misguided belief that undercharging will retain clients or a lack of confidence in their worth. To break free from this cycle, a shift in mentality is crucial.

Understanding that clients pay for expertise and efficiency, not just time, can reshape the narrative. Confidence becomes a critical element in asserting one’s actual value. By embracing the skills and experiences that set them apart, bookkeepers can establish a strong presence in the market, gaining the respect and appreciation they deserve. Undervaluation ultimately undermines the individual and the perception of their capabilities, hindering professional growth and potential success.

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