‘Uberizing’ is Driving Growth

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Today’s the age of technology which has completely changed the world of labor. Now, we are no longer required to go to a market to seek a service or a product. Whatever services and products we need can be provided to us with a single click through the applications installed on our laptops and phones; this impression means that the small business economy can drive substantial development and progress by Uberizing. Complete Controller. America’s Bookkeeping Experts

What is Uberization?

The term “uberization” comes from the world-famous transport company called ‘Uber.’ Uberization means anticipating a disruption before it becomes disruptive and your business falls one step behind the competition. Uberization is a business model where sellers and customers communicate directly through their mobile phones using technology, websites, or software. These parties make agreements for the services a supplier offers, customer requirements, and payment terms and conditions.

Now, here, we are talking about uberization. Let’s see how and where it all started. We all have heard about Uber, the rideshare company that introduced this business model and transformed how people move around a city. Uber is a transport service you benefit from by booking a ride from your smartphone whenever and wherever you need it. The company’s idea became so popular that many people have stopped using ordinary transportation like a taxi or a cab. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

To summarize the concept of uberization, here are a few brief pointers to help you understand it better.

  • Use of digital platforms for peer-to-peer dealings and communication.
  • Lessening the distance between client and service provider.
  • Evaluation of the worth and quality of the product or service through an online rating system.

For example, eBay, TaskRabbit, Uber, and Airbnb are many examples of rising Uberizing.

Following are a few examples of how Uberizing can be helpful and advantageous for the growth and progress of small businesses.

  1. Targeting potential customers

Online navigation tracking is to catch potential customers looking for a particular product. Online retailers monitor such clients and provide complementary products or services along with cost comparisons. The websites thoroughly describe the product, availability, customer satisfaction, expected delivery date, and order tracking details. A survey shows that 50% of customers purchase a different product from the one they initially intended to buy during Christmas. It is quite an ordinary happening, and it is due to the online research customers do for their required products. Online stores attract and divert customers to buy their products by providing them with exciting details within seconds. Download A Free Financial Toolkit

  1. Customers can take their time before buying the products

Buying products online has numerous benefits and points. Buyers have various options, many choices, and the freedom to compare several brands at a time, with no unnecessary pressure from a seller to buy their product. Customers compare different products, analyze the pros and cons of buying them, and keep ordering until they are delighted. Online purchasing or uberization is now one of the ideal services available to customers. The ease of purchasing different items without leaving your home is one of the many benefits of uberization. These are driving small businesses towards growth and progress.

  1. Flexible, fast, and smooth service

Uberization is an emerging business because it listens to what the customer demands. The customer expects all the necessary information regarding products or services to be presented without delays—for example, expected delivery time, location, and refunding charges. Satisfied reviews are the most effective attention-driving services provided to the customers.

  1. Control of purchases

Customers can choose the time, date, and location they want their purchased product delivered. Hence, they find it more convenient to utilize online services.

  1. Saves time

Uberization saves a lot of time and allows small businesses to grow. Building a real, tangible office space, hiring staff, and marketing your product is quite an extensive process. On the contrary, if you develop a virtual online store or service room, all three are done in one go. It not only saves time but also ensures growth.   

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