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Website Hosting

I know that there are numerous website hosting companies with downright incredible prices! Right? I’ve seen a company charge $2.99 per month or even for free. I recommend it wholeheartedly; do not buy a service with this value; cheap is expensive. You may not pay for it immediately, but you’ll pay for it somehow. Choose a hosting company with an excellent technology structure and 24-hour support with online chat and telephone. The average weight of a premium hosting service costs around $50.00 to $80.00 per month for sites with up to 2,000 (two thousand) daily visits. Cubicle to Cloud virtual business

Website Structure (SEO Optimization)

Before I begin this suggestion, let me define SEO – Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Often known as website optimization, it is a method of increasing website traffic using tactics and strategies that allow the site to improve its ranking in search engines’ organic results, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Design, Navigation, and Responsiveness

You thought I wasn’t going to talk about design. I think I was a bit harsh about designing a website at the beginning of the article. But on the contrary, I am significantly in favor of impeccable design. I am even annoyed about it, as I love to see a site with a beautiful design, good illustrations, content, good navigability, and something state-of-the-art.

Content Marketing

Andrew, what is this content marketing thing? Content Marketing is “content” developed articles that generate value for your target audience. They can be tips, a comparison of a service or product “X” compared to a product or service “Y,” or, in short, exciting content for your target audience. LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault

Now comes the leap of the cat. I’m doing with you directly in this article where your business or you will show that you are an expert and understand the subject, leading this consumer to purchase your product or service. These contents will help the user build trust in your business, generating value through what you provide for free “articles, an eBook, a video, etc.”

Social Testing

Social proof is a concept that I call the herd effect. Where the crowd goes, more people will follow. Below, I will list two interesting social proofs and how to apply them on your website.

Customer Testimonials – This social test is my favorite, especially on video. Your future customer is watching a video testimonial of a current customer. It breaks many objections. Testimonials in the text are also interesting, but it is essential to put the name and surname of the customer in the testimonial signature. The visitor may want to look for this person on Facebook to ask about their experience with your company and if publishing the customer photo in the testimonial is even better. I do it myself as a customer.

Email Capture and Relationship

I think you already understand. This part is FANTASTIC; unfortunately, many agencies and professionals do not use it efficiently. When someone puts an email in some register, they receive that flood of emails with offers one after the other. Ultimately, you don’t even buy anything and still unsubscribe from your email. On the contrary, it scares the client. Download A Free Financial Toolkit

But let’s get down to business, act strategically, and offer something of great value to the user so he can register his email. For example, the video lesson or an eBook study strategic locations to insert email captures on your business’s website; at times, this email registration box may go unnoticed by the user, so it is essential to distribute these email capture boxes on your website strategically.

A/B Test

My journey in digital marketing makes me learn something every single day. I am fully convinced that I have a lot of knowledge, but it always asks me if I think it’s better to use an “X” image or a “Y” button in some client situations. I always say: “with me, there is no guessing,” and I end the answer like this: “Let’s test,” of course, I use my initial intuition to save time, imagine testing everything, so we’re going to waste a year, there are things I already know what works and what doesn’t.

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