Tried and True Procedures for Starting Your Own Business

Starting a business is no easy feat. It requires dedication, sacrifices, and overcoming challenges. Here are some tried and true procedures for starting your own business.

Essential procedures to set up your company

When you start your business, you should follow some procedures. Some will depend on the type of activity you are going to start, and others will only be necessary if you hire workers. Let’s see below the different procedures that you will have to take into account. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

General procedures

Regardless of your sector of activity or the type of company you want to start up, you should or should do a series of procedures. They are the following:

High in the census of business people, professionals, and retainers

Those who want to start their business should be part of the Census of entrepreneurs, professionals, and retainers. To do this, they must present a declaration of registration in the same, using the 036 or 037 models. In the same way, it must be presented in cases of variation and deregistration.

Registration in the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers (RETA)

Unless you do not have a very high social capital, it is normal for you to join the special regime of self-employed workers, either because you work as an independent professional or because together with your partners, you want to form a type of society that fits this regime (like an SL).

Registration of partners and administrators in social security schemes

Despite the above, depending on the type of company you establish and the participation in the social capital of each partner, you can demand the registration of some of them in another type of Social Security system. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Obtaining and legalizing the guestbook

The guestbook is the one that registers and records the actions of the labor inspection. The guestbook can be paper or electronic. The employers will keep these books available to the Labor Inspectorate for a minimum period of five years from the last stage.

Legalization of the book of minutes, of the register of partners, of the registry book of registered shares, and the record book of contracts between the sole shareholder and the company

The current legislation requires commercial companies to keep some registry books (of minutes, partners, or shares) and make their presentations annually in the Provincial Commercial Register.

Legalization of the daily book and the book of inventories and annual accounts

All businessmen who keep their accounts according to the provisions of the Commercial Code must prepare the following accounting documents: a daily book and a book of inventories and annual accounts.

Obtaining an electronic certificate

The electronic certificate makes it possible to sign electronic documents and unequivocally identify the owner of the signature. We can present the application at the National Currency and Stamp Factory.

Procedures according to our economic activity

Depending on the type of activity that we want to start up, we will have to carry out a series of specific procedures with the sector in which our company will be registered. These are the main ones that we must take into account:

Activity license

We will have to request the pertinent licenses depending on the facilities and premises that we will occupy, our specific activity (trade, restoration, game, etc.), and operation. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Registration in official bodies and registers

Depending on the activity carried out, the start of the activity must be communicated with the different administrations, authorities, and records that correspond to us.

Procedures for hiring workers

In case beyond the partners, we want to hire workers in our company. We must follow the following additional procedures.

Registration of the company

The registration is the administrative act by which the General Treasury of the Social Security assigns the employer a number to identify and control its obligations (Code of Contribution Account).

Affiliation of workers

Administrative act by which the General Treasury of the Social Security recognizes the physical persons their inclusion for the first time in the Social Security System.

Registration of workers in the Social Security Scheme

Every employer who hires workers must communicate the registration in the corresponding Social Security Regime.

Registration of employment contracts

This procedure consists of carrying out the legalization or registration of work contracts for employed workers.

Communication of opening of the work center

Once the Company has been established or decided by the entrepreneur to initiate his activity, the work center’s opening communication must control the Occupational Health and Safety conditions.

Obtaining the labor calendar

Companies must display the work calendar in each work center, which must be in a visible place.

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