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Trends in Internet - Complete Controller

In a matter of days, we change the year, and with it come the new purposes, both personal and professional. That is why, through these lines, we want to bring you future trends towards our professional performance as freelancers.

In the first place, all freelancers must be clear that the Internet, globalization, and social change have transformed (and continue to do so) the way of understanding our work, schedules, and times. In short, all their routine.

That is why this post aims to give a global vision to our entire professional environment so that we position ourselves towards the new goals that are set before us and, with that, assess all those advantages that can benefit us concerning two essential areas: Marketing and Internet. Exit Advisor


In the field of technical communications, it must be borne in mind that this background race has only just begun. The network of networks entered stealthily into our lives and is now indispensable in our daily work. Concepts such as social networks, geolocation, localization, the cloud, or the already announced web 3.0 only warn us about the hopes of evolution in ICT (Information and communication technologies)

From, we bet on the fact that the trends of the following times will be:

  • The cloud, cloud, and SaaS: In the coming years, we will attend the definitive migration of most of our computer programs to the “cloud,” something that will also happen with freelancers and SMEs thanks to the advantages that SaaS entails.
  • The web 3.0.: The challenge is intelligent navigation, adapted to the tastes and needs of the user. The key will be in the integrated applications of artificial intelligence that will feed on the information provided by Internet users. Over time, companies will communicate individually with each client. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits
  • Content filtering: we have already attended to a situation of over information and saturation by the Internet user. This will result in content filtering, which will be automated based on 3.0 solutions. The content will lose value to the detriment of the context, which will filter the content through new applications. And the generation of factual quality content will remain important, although this will not be enough on its own.
  • Media and media integration: finally, televisions that properly integrate the Internet and TV are being marketed, so “TV on-demand” and “online video club” are already exploiting realities.
  • Globalization: The Internet combines the global with the local by facilitating communication with those far away (international dimension) and especially with close (regional size). And the functionalities and capabilities to act in these two dimensions will continue to grow.
  • Decrease in the use of email: this tool will lose more prominence due to the rise of mobile devices and social networks


On the other hand, the most prominent trends in marketing and content marketing are linked to the use of smartphones, which are undoubtedly called to change the way we consume products and link to brands. So, from, we bet on criteria such as: LasPass – Family or Org Password Vault

  • The disappearance of cash and credit cards will be gradually replaced thanks to the introduction of mobile phone payment readers.
  • Apps vs. web: applications for smartphones and tablets that allow us to access the Internet more comfortably and simply and quickly consume all kinds of information (text, audio, and video).
  • Social Commerce mobile: smartphones are a potent tool for “Social Commerce” by allowing the integration of third-party recommendations with offers and coupons, all based on the user’s exact location, thanks to GPS systems.
  • QR or Bidis codes: this code system avoids having to type and facilitates navigation through smartphones. What it does is reinforce the versatility of the mobile phone as support. Its use goes far beyond advertising and electronic commerce, allowing the publisher to offer the possibility of expanding information on any subject and in any situation and support.
  • Integration with household devices: the simplest may be the integration of opening codes that will replace the keys in the case of automated doors. And here, an exciting field for home automation opens. The key is that it is fast and elementary to use.
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