Traits of Leader and Manager

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Knowing how to delegate

One of the main difficulties for a manager is in the delegation of tasks. For some managers, the delegate is a synonym for losing control over the project. That is why they end up doing many tasks that do not correspond to them or bothering their team doing micromanagement.

Coordination and collaboration capacity

The ability of a manager to promote these behaviors is essential if you want your team to achieve the objectives without wasting time or resources.

Coordination and collaboration help avoid overlapping work, align efforts in the right direction, innovate more, identify problems more quickly, and find the best solutions for them.

To encourage coordination and collaboration, the leader must establish the techniques and tools to channel such coordination. Until recently, the possibilities were small; teams communicated through meetings or email, but in recent years platforms such as Slack, Tribe Scale, or Basecamp have emerged as more advanced technological alternatives. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Strategic planning

Strategic planning is the ability of a leader to know the company’s current state, the human team, and the resources available to develop a “route” that allows your team to achieve the objectives set for the project.

Strategic planning is composed of various skills such as intuition, creativity, and of course, strategy. If a manager is immersed in his day-to-day purely executive tasks, he may lose the company’s general vision and therefore cannot develop this planning. For this reason, it is important that from time to time, you move away from these tasks and take time to contemplate the situation from a bird’s-eye view.

Communication skills

Without good communication skills, it would be difficult to develop other skills. Great leaders have always been differentiated by having great oratory skills but make no mistake; communication is as important as knowing how to listen.

Pay attention, be concise, or have good control over non-verbal language, are some of the keys to improve our communication skills.


Empathy is the ability to perceive what another person feels, that is, the ability to put yourself in the place of other people (psychologically speaking). A good leader should always be an empathic person since, thanks to this, he will be able to modulate and adapt his speech depending on the person or persons with whom he is communicating.

If we can put ourselves in the shoes of our colleagues, clients, or potential users, it will be easier for us to understand their situation and to be able to develop good communication with them aimed at achieving our objectives. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Motivation and Inspiration

A motivated team is not only a team that works at a superior performance but is also happier and helps attract and retain the best talent. There are cases such as the open contracting war between Tesla and Apple in which the salary is no longer a sufficient reason to retain talent. It is the motivation inspired by the projects and the people who lead them who determine who is left with this talent.

One of the objectives of a good leader is to motivate his team and to assume an inspiration important enough for the rest of the members to follow his example. A manager who is not capable of transmitting this inspiration will never become a true leader.


Courage is one of the skills that differentiate a manager from a leader. A leader demonstrates value when he makes difficult decisions, when he assumes the responsibilities of his mistakes and those of his team, or when he must leave his comfort zone to perform tasks that are beyond his duty.

A courageous leader does not imply that he must make decisions lightly; he will always make an exhaustive calculation of risks, but what he will never do will remain blocked before an important decision or a complicated task. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


The commitment manifests itself in many ways; commitment to the company not to leave in good times or bad, commitment to the team to lead effectively, commitment to customers to offer greater value in the product, and commitment to continue to improve.

The individual commitment of a manager will be amplified when his team also acquires that commitment and works hand in hand to take the project to success.

Problem resolution

A manager must also be a decisive person, a person with resources and knowledge to unclog and solve problems. And sometimes, certain blocks can only be solved by a manager, and that is where the problem-solving ability comes in that allows the team to keep moving forward.


Finally, although we have talked about the ability to solve problems, it is always inevitable that problems that cannot be solved will arise. For example, if our team arrives late to the delivery of a project and we cannot avoid it, we will have to be able to manage the consequences, absorb the responsibility and not let it splash on our team if he has not been at fault.

Resilience is precisely the ability of people to overcome adverse situations and quickly recover from them. A good manager cannot allow problems and adversities to prevent him from working; he must overcome them quickly and continue working in difficult situations.

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