Top-Rated Accounting Tools for Small Businesses and Enterprises

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Accounting can be a time-consuming and crucial chore for business owners. Still, it is also a mandatory task for managing, operating, and optimizing your company’s growth with time. Eventually, you’ll need to invest in a business accounting tool to regulate your cash flow and formulate income taxes. From bookkeeping to tracking expenses, there are several pointers to consider when choosing the righteous accounting tool for the comprehensive financial management of your business.  

Accounting tools are essential to get for your business. The best accounting tools help you create invoices, record internal and external payments, follow up with the past due to account receivables, and manage reports that help you examine the financial health of your business. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

The choice of an accounting tool is a critical yet significant one because it can effortlessly simplify your business finances. Every business has different requirements and several employees. Here’s our list of top-rated accounting tools for small businesses and enterprises.

  1. QuickBooks: While mentioning the most productive and functional accounting tool of all time, one can never forget mentioning the QuickBooks online. Suppose you’re an entrepreneur who despises financial management and would get on the rollercoaster with the newness of being a fresh business owner. In that case, QuickBooks online will surely help you with that. Moreover, even if you’re a professional accountant who deals with the balance sheet, invoicing, and profit and loss statements, QuickBooks online can still meet your requirements. QuickBooks Online also allows cash transactions, including billing from the suppliers, payroll, expense tracking, and inventory tracking.
  2. Fresh-Books: FreshBooks is another well-known accounting tool with built-in outlay management, time tracking features, and the facility of accepting incoming cash or account receivables. It is easy to use but doesn’t have anything to do with the payroll and inventory. This tool is for freelance agencies or solo business proprietors. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers It is an affordable tool with a relatively low subscription fee if you ever consider extending your business with a few additional employees.
  3. Xero: The exceptional feature of maintaining the accounts, Xero tool carries out from bookkeeping to virtual expense management and contains the ability to get paid in more than 160 currencies with updated exchange rates. Xero app also keeps the purchasing records and mechanically reconciles your accounts, as you’d already expected from a proper accounting tool. Xero app is efficient in tracking money and the time spent on a particular project to provide the complete cost analysis. Xero app is generally a monthly subscription accounting system. However, the cost will vary depending on whether you get the premium features or not.
  4. Expensify: Expensify is an accounting tool used to manage expenses and money transactions through realistic data and reporting processes. The accounting operations performed by this user-friendly application solve numerous cash-related issues. It also permits the companies to maintain a summary of various accounts along with the calendar. Expensify also supports the travel expenses based on the miles cover, including the payment of an ongoing project. You can also modify the currencies while using this exceptional accounting tool. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers
  5. Neat: Neat application is slightly like Expensify. Excellent is proficient with extracting the information from your receipts and financial documents. You can use any digital device to operate this tool, including a smartphone, a desktop, or an actual scanner, and you can easily access your important files from any device. Another great feature of the neat tool is that it can effortlessly link up with other accounting tools, and you can directly transfer the expense transactions. With the help of this tool, you can share your financial statements with your accountants and co-owners. With Neat, you can quickly get rid of the slow and laborious manually added transactions and instead receives an optimized virtual process.

    Regardless of your business’s stage and requirements, there is always an accounting tool available that fits your company’s needs. Whether you opt for a desktop version or a cloud-based tool, the most important is to consider a righteous accounting tool for your business finance. No matter how brilliant your services are, your business will always be at risk if you failed to keep a sound accounting system. Keep researching for the accurate accounting tool until you get the one for your business’s purpose.

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