Top 5 tips for Cloud Computing Security

The rise of digital technology has reduced human errors, but it has also increased the cybercrime rate. The majority of cybercrime cases are based on the illegal or inappropriate use of personal data that is retrieved from the cloud networks. More specifically, the emergence of personal cloud users has resulted in an increased rate of cybercrimes, and the prediction is that the number of cloud users will increase more with time. As a result, cloud security platforms have raised concerns about the bookkeeping, privacy, and confidentiality of the users’ data. Despite these concerns being acknowledged, still, no surefire technique exists that can restrict cybercrimes completely. This is why we all have to be conscious of our data that is stored on cloud platforms.

Here are Top 5 tips for cloud computing security that you can follow to secure your data. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Carefully Read the User Agreement

Often individuals don’t read the user agreement and terms and conditions before approving or signing them. It might be because of its length, small fonts, or hard to understand verbiage. When it comes to security, we must change this thinking because we could agree to something that makes vulnerable to data theft. The terms and conditions of all the cloud networks are not the same. Some networks offer sufficient security and require minimum access to your data, and some networks offer certain user rights to claim data security in case of any data theft. By reading the user agreement, you can decide what cloud computing you should use as well as know your rights in case of any security trouble.

Create Smart Passwords

Passwords are the keys that lock, saves, and protect your accounts and data from various threats and hacks regarding cloud computing security. So, you need to create an intelligent password that must be untraceable. Almost 90% of passwords can be easily cracked within a few moments only because the majority of the users prefer to create easy to remember passwords. Still, they don’t know that easy to remember passwords are easier to crack, and only an intelligent password can save you from password cracking. Here are some tips for creating a smart password that you can follow while creating or changing your password. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

  • Choose a lengthy word of more than nine characters
  • Include more than four digits in the password
  • Do not use the same password for every account. Cloud computing and networks are trapping and intelligent, and they can cross-match your passwords on different accounts. So, try to change your password for every account smartly that it must be difficult to crack but easy to remember. For example, if you want to select a single password e.g., “password1234”, then make it different for each account such as “password1234gmail” for Gmail account, “password1234skype” for skype account. In this way, you can secure your smart password and data.

However, it is just a tip, and you can apply more innovative ideas to create a smart password.

Encrypt Your Cloud Files

Encryption is the best method for cloud computing security that protects the data that you want to store on cloud networks as it restricts everyone from accessing your data without knowing the file password. The easiest way to encrypt a file is to convert it into a zip archive and protect it with a password and then upload that file to the cloud server. But always remember your password as you can never open your file if you forget the password. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

The most convenient encryption software for the beginners is B1 Archiver, TrueCrypt, and WinZip that is free for all, and you can encrypt your file within few minutes. Note that if you want to decrypt the password-protected file, then it can only be done through the same software from where you have encrypted.

Opt for an Encrypted Cloud Service

Recently some cloud computing services have offered local encryption and decryption of the files. At the same time, you upload or backup a file on a cloud network, and the service provider assures data safety. The companies claim that with the encrypted upload, not even the service provider can access the files without the user consent. However, the charges of these service providers are comparatively higher than conventional services, but if you want to keep your data safe, then you have to compromise the cost.

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