To buy or to rent a home, which is best for you?

Faced with the main moments of life’s decision, it is common to be in doubt if we are really making the right choice. And the truth is that, as much as we compare positive and negative points in each case, insecurity tends to take over. For one of the moments when this dilemma is most evident is when it comes to thinking about having your own place to live.

After all, buy or rent house, how to know which the best option is? Like everything in life, of course the answer to that question is not that simple. Each person is different and their reality is full of peculiarities. So if for someone it is advisable to decide to buy the property, for another person, on the contrary, it may be better to wait a little longer, remaining in the rent.

Thinking about the most common issues surrounding the issue is that we have decided to prepare this special post. Ready to weigh positive and negative points and make the best choice for your life? Then follow the next topics!


The ideal time to buy a home

Having a property of its own, starting to form a patrimony, is always a positive decision. So, buying a home is good anytime in life, right? Not necessarily. The truth is that we are not always ready to take this step. Believe: if there is no preparation, the shot may backfire. But let’s go in parts, because this preparation involves several factors. Check out the main ones now!


Your current habits

Do you like to move? Want to travel for a longer time? Can your job require you to move? All this (and more) influences this decision. The choice of buying (or not) the house does not only involve the formation of equity. There are more points to analyze.

People serving the military, for example, often have to move with an average frequency of 2 years. In the same way, many other companies and professional placements require a life of change. There are still those who enjoy traveling and spend months in other countries, for example. It’s basically a matter of priorities.

In practice, buying a property may be financially incompatible with this routine. Do you fit this profile? So unless you want to invest, there’s no reason to buy a house specifically at this point in your life! Before deciding, therefore, the ideal is to confront your habits and your current needs with the desire to have your own property.


Your prospects for the future

Following the same logic as the previous topic, you need to analyze what exactly you want for the next few years of your life. Do you know where you want to live or what standard of living do you want to have? It’s okay to dream up to high standards, but is your routine and financial capacity compatible with those dreams? Think: it’s no use picking up a high-quality property that you can not keep. After all, this will impact on several other points, such as:

Their quality of life, making them closer to or away from their places of leisure and work, as well as the people with whom they currently live;

Its cost of living, since each neighborhood practices a different range of values, consistent with the lifestyle of the people there.

Faced with this, before choosing a property that fills your eyes or that looks like an excellent opportunity, you need to assess whether this option matches your life prospects.


Your financial conditions

Your choice also needs to marry your financial conditions, as it is of no use if you decide on a property that will weigh more than your pocket can afford. Believe me: this is one of the main points to turn a good decision into a bad choice. If you finance a property with very high payments for your ability to pay, you may even lose your property and all the money paid.

Then understand right away: it is essential to assess your conditions well, to plan, to pay possible debts and even to collect some money before you hit the hammer to buy your own home.


Your view on the use of the property

We said you need to think about whether you’re traveling or having to move soon, right? But the scenario changes if you want to buy a property to invest! There are many people who buy a house only to rent then supplement the rent. And the good news is that the real estate market gives you numerous investment possibilities.

In this case, you can reconcile the purchase of the property with your traveling lifestyle, only needing to pay more attention to the financial issues. This is because maintaining a quasi-nomadic life and commitment to a benefit may be incompatible issues. So, depending on the junction of these factors (financial conditions, habits and expectations for the property), you can have a good idea of ​​what to do.

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