Tips to Promote Your Recreation Activities Using Social Media

A Dramatic Shift from Mainstream Advertising to Social Media Advertising

The truth is, with 2.4 billion active social media users and millions of mobile apps, websites, and other mobile platforms, today is the age of social media and digital evolution. Gone are those days when individuals, communities, governments, and businesses had limited options to promote and market events and recreation activities. Perhaps, they only had mainstream options such as print, electronic and digital media for promoting events and activities. They were costly and too expensive to afford for ordinary individuals and businesses who were starting. With the growing influence of social media marketing, the world witnessed a dramatic shift. People turned to social media to promote their events and activities for creating awareness about their initiatives. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

It Can Create More Awareness than Other Digital and Electronic Channels

There’s no denying that most individuals and recreation organizations have limited or no budget for marketing. Social media and interactive platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram allow such companies to expand their marketing and branding scope with literally spending nothing. This fact indicates that people who can’t afford expensive digital, print, and electronic advertising can make the best use of social media. By learning the art of the game, they can create awareness about recreation activities and events and expand their overall reach.

Larger Audience Means More Registrants and Hence Participants!

One thing is obvious; unique social media strategies help you in marketing. Growing an audience and reaching out to many groups requires you to come up with smart yet effective ways to draw user attention towards your event or activity. Social media is an inexpensive way to promote and advertise recreation activities. It can also lure customers and get the community involved in your event. However, choosing the right platform and keeping the right pace is extremely important if you expect your event to turn into a success. Perhaps, a regular reminder till the date of the event will make things easier for you to keep your audience and the people who showed interest in your event, intact.  Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

You Can Use a Recreation Software

Since the ultimate goal is to grow the numbers and increase participation, you need to continually communicate with your past and current registrants through recreation software. This communication is via text alerts and mass emails. Recreation software accesses your database and bookkeeping records. It helps you increase the participation of an event quite significantly by allowing citizens to register online directly through a link. Believe you me, recreation software and other similar management platforms have the reputation of being quite useful.

General Tips to Remember When Using Any Social Media Platform

  • No matter how close the event may be, you need to engage your potential participants, perhaps by sending a series of ‘last call’ tweets, messages, or posts. According to a study, creating a sense of urgency triggers interest that may turn a potential participant to an active participant.
  • Including photos and other high-quality visual images for promoting recreation activities will likely gain more attention. Perhaps, theme-based stock images will advertise your event in a convincing tone and fashion.
  • Besides uploading themes based on images and content, you need to use video illustrations for convincing more and more potential participants.
  • You can share recorded videos of past events and recreation activities to increase the credibility and worth of the upcoming event.
  • Write blogs and articles on the event and share them on your promotional pages, websites, or local newspapers to create more awareness about the event.
  • Hire brand ambassadors and create brief bios to promote the event at individual capacity to increase participation for the event. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

For Social Media?

Powerful social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. can help you interact with your participants and community.

When using Facebook, you can create an event page and get it optimized for the targeted community with little to pay to Facebook. You can also create live stream footage of the event and upload promotional videos to increase awareness about the event and its recreation activities. Additionally, you can solicit community or participant feedback using Facebook pools.

Using Twitter, you can create hashtags for the event and share event-related news on your Twitter account. These hashtags are a great way to increase participation and let potential customers know about your event stories. 

When using Instagram, you can upload high-quality images to promote your event and recreational activities. This promotion will help the community know about the location of the event and its nature through strong visuals. Also, you can get your account promoted by paying a tiny portion of money-making Instagram a great way to encourage event and recreation activities and festivities.

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