Tips to Get Out of Unemployment

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Are you looking for your first job? Have you lost your job after a long time? It is not time to get discouraged or throw in the towel, quite the opposite. Of course, to achieve your goal, which is none other than getting out of unemployment, you need patience, serenity, and self-confidence. We bring you ten tips that will be very useful for activating your professional life again.

One of the significant problems of the Spanish economy, if not the largest, is the high unemployment rate, whose average in the last 30 years has been around 17%, an unthinkable figure in other countries around us and weighs as a drag on the development of the country and, of course, for many families. LasPass – Family or Org Password Vault

Especially worrying is the youth unemployment rate and that of workers over 40 years old, practically invisible to the labor market. Another issue related to this problem is the quality of employment (part-time contracts, precarious salaries, etc.).

Practical advice to find a job

But beyond the technical analysis and employment policies you should implement, it would be a mistake to wait for the problem.

The truth is that to get out of unemployment. There are no magic formulas. If you want to find work, you will have to put in all your effort, deny it, and have some luck. But that stroke of luck will hardly come if you are not well-prepared or do not do an active job search. As Picasso said, “When inspiration comes, let me find myself working.”

There are our tips that will help you get a job and get out of unemployment:

  • Set a schedule. Looking for a job is already a job. Ideally, it must be systematic and constant to obtain results, devoting at least 8 hours a day to the job search. Download A Free Financial Toolkit
  • Keep training. Although the priority is to find work when you are unemployed, please do not neglect this aspect, since our opportunities will always be more significant the more trained we are. It is interesting to know the courses offered by the SEPE (State Public Employment Service).
  • Update your Curriculum Vitae. Not only is its content, but also it is contained. Also, in this, the presentation is essential. To do well and be effective, do not forget to read our article How to make a CV.
  • Write a cover letter. It must be a brief presentation, but attractive, that serves as a practical introduction to your CV.
  • Turn to your contacts. Running out of work or being unemployed is no shame. It is something that, unfortunately, can happen to anyone and that we should not hide. On the contrary, the smartest thing is to make your situation and intentions known to all the people you know and who could help you get interesting information, an opportunity, an idea. Cubicle to Cloud virtual business /span>
  • Get ready for job interviews. It is known that the first impression is the most important. If you manage to have a discussion, try to project your best image (inside and outside), and inform yourself about the company you aspire to be part of, thus avoiding possible blunders.
  • Ask for references. Going to job interviews with suitable authorities of your previous work will give your candidacy a plus of confidence in the company’s eyes that has included you in the selection process.
  • Be flexible. Try to exploit other skills and try to get a job in some sector where you have never worked before, but for which, because of your skills or qualities, maybe you could fit.
  • Control your public profiles. If you have a Social Network account, do not fall into the error of showing lousy behavior or excessively displaying data about your private life since more and more companies are investigating candidates’ social profiles for a job before calling them for an interview.
  • Be positive. Our last advice, although no less important. Sometimes it isn’t easy to maintain good spirits. Still, you must continually offer a good attitude and willingness to convey confidence and security.
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