Tips to Control Consumerism in Adolescents

Consumerism in Adolescents - Complete Controller

We all have an opinion about what today means by the term “consumerism.” We agree with this; it is a reality that the offer and the means to access different goods have exploded exponentially in recent times.

The list could be infinite from technology, accessories, and personal care products. Is it wrong to buy it if we can afford it? Is it wrong to buy if that makes us happy? The answers may be philosophical, but what happens when we have teenagers at home? What happens when we cannot control what our teenagers buy?

Today we share some tips and recommendations that can help you if you are going through a conflict of style.

Recommendations to control adolescent consumerism

Each teenager is unique, and, of course, this does not pretend to be a recipe book. But it can help you: Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Talk about the topic

If you are worried because you see that your son or daughter cannot control himself when buying, the first is to talk about the subject. But speak it in a frontal and proactive way. Adolescence is a special period, and we have to be tactful to deal with certain issues, especially when we have to set limits. Do not do it from censorship or absolute restriction. Let us be empathic and think about how we were as teenagers.

Stimulate interest in other things

If your son or daughter only finds motivation to buy, it is that he has lost interest in other things. Buying excessively is a problem, but it is also a problem that adolescents do not find motivation in other things. Since going out with your friends (and not always to the shopping centers), practicing sports or hobbies such as reading listening to music, are all activities that help. According to experts, sport is therapeutic to treat many “evils.”

When a teenager feels discouraged or finds it difficult to establish links, one must act. Compulsive behaviors, such as buying, are alerts to which we must pay attention. LasPass – Family or Org Password Vault

Limit credit cards

Because there is no worse weapon than a credit card in the hands of those who do not know how to use it, as we said before, you have to be tactful, and it is not a matter of denying or drastically removing that extension of credit that we have given you. We must come with them to conclude that until there is a behavior change, the card does not go any further.

One way to show that we trust our teenagers is to limit the amount of credit we give them. It is a way to allow you to show us that you can handle your problem. Naturally, before this, we must have achieved that they visualize that they have a problem of consumerism.

Lead by example

No less important is that we are coherent with our speech. If we talk to you 3 hours a day about how bad it is to consume too much, but we go to a shopping mall and buy without control, it will not do any good.

From childhood to adolescence, parents are the primary reference on behavior towards spending. We must preach with a good example for our words to have credibility. Cubicle to Cloud virtual business

Take distance from technology

We know that this can be exceedingly difficult, especially in these times in which social networks are fundamental in our adolescents’ lives. But what can we do? Do not think about forbidding them of the computer or snatching the cell phone. That will only make things worse.

The challenge that is unleashed between technology and increased consumption should be to show them that the tools are good or bad, always depending on how we use them. Let’s find ways to show them that being 7 hours a day in front of a bombing of brands promotions (which are often nothing more than encouraging more consumption) is wasting time. Let’s find ways to show them that the most beautiful things in life are usually when we go outdoors.

If your teenagers are going through a crisis of consumerism, do not despair. Unconscionable consumerism is part of the evils that have touched us, as others have been in other generations. It’s just a matter of treating it.

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