Things to Know About Credit Cards

Things to Know About Credit Cards- Complete Controller.

The credit cards are plastic with which you can make purchases and cash withdrawals up to the limit or revolute credit designated by the bank and with which, at the time of sale or withdrawal, you can pay cash or defer payment to a monthly fee with an interest rate that varies depending on the type of card.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Head of Strategic Analysis of the Economic Research Directorate of the Ministry of Economy, Industry, and Commerce (MEIC) explained that these products are helpful because they have revolving credit. Once the debt clears, the card returns to the original amount he had initially.Cubicle to Cloud virtual business

They are also accepted worldwide, regardless of the currency in use, allow electronic purchases, and give prizes for help, either in available balance, points for purchases, or miles for travel.

However, the interest rates on credit cards are high. As of October last year, 52% of the total cards issued in the country (828,589 plastics) charged 45% to 50.4%, while only 28,128 cards issued had the minimum market rate, which is the minimum 5.05% to 19.9%.

The concentration of customers on cards with higher rates, the greater the benefits they offer.

Higher rates mean that, for example, if you have a card with a 20% annual rate and make a purchase of $ 50,000, you will be charged $ 10,000 yearly interest plus the monthly default rate determined by the issuing financial institution in case you do not pay on time.

In addition, some charge a monthly membership fee, require mandatory insurance, charge different prices for using ATMs for withdrawing money, and charge for non-use and use of plastic outside the country.

Cut Date and Payment Date

All cards have a cut-off date and a payment deadline.

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The cut-off date is the scheduled date to start the collection of purchases made during the corresponding period of the card. On this date, the bank issues the account statement. Also, it registers specific charges, such as those to which zero-rate promotions were applied or collected in several installments.

For its part, the payment deadline is when the cardholder must pay at least the minimum amount established in the account statement, and from there, the customer begins to charge interest for the consumptions made.

One must be cautious that the payment date does not exceed because two interest rates, the credit, and the delinquency rates, are in addition to the fines. What is desirable is that the debt is always paid in cash, not to apply the interest rate.

Variables to Consider

To properly use a card, you must consider other aspects besides the rate and the critical payment dates.

It is essential to know and understand each plastic’s contract and evaluate if it fits your needs before receiving a credit card. If it does not work, reject it.

In addition, if you use a card to finance a purchase, know your cost is high. Therefore, saving, paying cash, and enjoying the benefits are better.

Evaluating other market options with lower interest rates that are equally effective in paying for your needs is advisable if you need financing.

Before you get a card, verify that the credit limit is related to your income and, if it is higher, request that it be reduced to avoid being unable to pay for the card.Complete Controller. America’s Bookkeeping Experts

Evaluate Market Options

When applying for a card, evaluating the market options first is best.

Locally, as of October 2016, companies offered 468 credit cards from different financial issuers, and each offers other features.

Some plastics, for example, do not charge memberships but have high rates and offer fewer benefits.

Others charge a monthly or annual membership in exchange for benefits such as extra miles and additional points for consumption in different establishments.

However, those that do not charge membership are usually linked to another card that automatically gives the bank to request the first if you have an additional membership cost and different fees but share the credit limit with the first.

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