Things to Consider When Selecting an Accountant For Your Business?

Selecting an Accountant - Complete Controller

The relationship between an entrepreneur and his accountant is like that of a doctor and his patient. But the reality is that entrepreneurs often tend to neglect the management and control of their income and expenses, especially those who are just starting.

As an entrepreneur, you should not be doing your business’s finances alone. If you have already decided to hire an accountant, you surely have some questions, such as: How do I ensure that it will respond to my needs? What services and documents do you have to give me? And what will be my final responsibility? Cubicle to Cloud virtual business

Here we present a guide on how to manage a relationship with an accountant.

Hire an experienced freelancer

There are certain clear requirements that your candidate must meet to guarantee their services:

In addition to being a certified accountant, the accountant must have certifications from professional associations Association of Certified Chartered Accountants. This makes it possible to verify that it is up to date, which is essential due to the continuous tax changes that occur.

Among the best sources for hiring is the famous “word of mouth,” that is, the recommendation of a person you trust. Ask him for data that reveals his expertise in the matter, such as growth figures for your market, which tax figure is best for you according to your activity, etc. You can also ask him if he does audits. Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Seal the relationship with a contract

Once the professional is chosen, a service provision contract must be signed. What they must offer you, as a minimum, is to keep the accounting record of your company and the calculation of your tax obligations. This includes updating you on the changes in tax matters and supporting you in the event of any requirement from the Treasury.

It is customary to keep vouchers

Payment of taxes will be made from the financial information provided by your business. So, you must have control over it. The basic documents to deliver to your accountant are invoices, receipts, and all proof of income and expenses, in order and by month.

As a client, you need to receive a list of the financial record of the state of the company (business income and expenses) plus a record of the tax payments made by the accountant and their respective vouchers (certified by the corresponding authority). Among the taxes you will have to pay, depending on your activity, are:

  • Income Tax (IRS): contribution to be made for the perception of income as a natural and legal person, following the Income Tax Law. It is paid once a month, and to calculate it, you must add all the invoicing that the client has issued. Exit Advisor
  • Value Added Tax (VAT): an indirect tax applied to the goods and services produced or marketed by the company. It is also paid once a month and is calculated based on a ratio of everything that was charged.
  • Single Rate Business Tax: it is a tax that is applied to individuals and companies and that is also taxed on profits. If your ISR is higher than the IETU, you will only receive the first one.

It carries a periodicity. As an entrepreneur, you should demand these papers every month, not every time you remember.

Those documents prove that you fulfilled the tax obligations, and it must be remembered that in the event of any problem, the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit seeks and penalizes the businessman, not the accountant. For this reason, the entrepreneur must understand that although he delegates the accounting of the business to a professional, he is the one who controls that all the papers and payments are in order.

Get informed

There are some items you can deduct for the payment of taxes, such as the purchase of goods related to your business activity. Regarding invoices (tax receipt for the delivery of a product or service) and expenses, it is essential to consult your accountant about any questions so that he will keep a more accurate financial relationship with your company.

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