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Readers are most curious about the topic of ‘when should I retire? Should I retire now or leave it until the New Year?’ comes the question. The reason behind these questions is to get a high pension. The question is, how much will retirement be affected by retiring at the end of the year and retiring at the beginning of the New Year? Others are looking for ways to work a little more and increase their pension even though they are retired. Is there a difference in salary between filing a retirement petition by the end of 2022 and submitting it at the beginning of 2023? Here are all the curiosities.

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There is a specific difference in pension between retiring by the end of 2021 and applying in January 2022. If you use until the end of the year, you will add this year’s January and July pension increases to your pension. If you apply at the beginning of 2022, you will add only the increased amount to your retirement in January of the New Year. There will also be a difference in the determination of the pension.

How is the Pension Determined?

The pensions of those first insured before 2000 and between 2000 and 2008 and those with insurance after 2008 are calculated differently. The pension is calculated according to the number of premium days, monthly average earnings, inflation, and growth rate in its simplest form. The pension amount is found by multiplying the average monthly payments with the monthly bonding rate calculated according to premium days. Average monthly earnings are also calculated according to periodic consumer inflation and add 30% to the growth rate. The pension is determined by multiplying the updated monthly payments and the pension rate, and this salary is increased at the rate of past inflation. LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault

Is the First Start Date Important?

Offering a pension petition until the end of the year is more beneficial in times of low inflation. In addition, it is more advantageous to submit a retirement petition after the New Year when inflation is high. Of course, the high growth rate also positively affects pensions.

Is the Situation Different for Civil Servants?

The civil servant’s pensions are determined according to the salary coefficient. The salary is specified over the new coefficient if an application is made in the new year. In this case, if a pension petition is submitted by the end of the year, the salary is determined according to the last civil servant salary coefficient. The retirement bonus is paid over the salary coefficient on the date of the retirement petition. CorpNet. Start A New Business Now

Will my Salary Decrease if I Do Not Retire and Continue to Work?

The main factor in the decrease in pensions is the rate of pensions. With the regulation made after 2008, the longer the working period, the lower the pension rate, and those who paid premiums for more than 20 years pay more dividends, but their pensions decrease in return. Of course, this is not include applicable to all employees. The higher the premium, the higher the retirement if paid from the ceiling. However, when those working with a minimum wage and a salary slightly above the minimum wage do not retire and work more to get a higher salary, their pensions decrease by $2-3 every month.

There is a difference. The amount of severance pay changes twice a year, in January-July and July-December, and the Ministry of Treasury and Finance declares this change. The severance pay ceiling for workers in July-December 2021 was determined to be $8,284.00. If you submit a retirement petition by the end of the year, the severance pay is calculated over this ceiling. If you retire at the beginning of 2022, the calculation happens over the newly announced compensation ceiling. For example, the severance pay ceiling for those who retired in January-June this year was over $7,638. Those who will retire by the end of the year will be over $8,284.00.

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