The Top 7 Business Intelligence Tools

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Business intelligence is the processes and tools used to evaluate business data, turn it into actionable visions, and help everyone make well-informed choices. Also known as a decision support system (DSS), a business intelligence system examines current and historic data and inputs the results in easy-to-understand reports, dashboards, graphs, charts, and maps shared across the company.

Several tools are specifically designed to support decision support or business intelligence system. Here are seven of the best business intelligence tools that can help you with your business. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

SAP Business Intelligence

SAP Business Intelligence is an option that offers proven advanced analytical solutions for the company: business intelligence predictions in real-time, machine learning, planning, integration with common office programs, analysis from the mobile, reports with a careful visual form.

SAP Business Intelligence has everything you need and even a little more what you had not thought about and what you can surely benefit from. This application has become an especially popular choice, thanks to its advanced predictive analytics. However, it is also excellent in many of its other features.

It is a self-service platform with multiple customization possibilities. It is specialized in the integration of information aimed at optimizing decision-making. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


Another of the specialists’ favorite options, Tableau, is a powerful software specialized in data management, visualization, and analysis. One of its great strengths is integrating with sources as diverse as Excel, Oracle, Google Analytics, SalesForce, or MS SQL. Although, after all, its popularity may come from the free option for personal use beyond the various paid business plans.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft could not pass up the opportunity to offer its suite of business analysis tools. It has done so with this option designed 100% to be used on the web (which facilitates its access from any device and place). It offers absolute optimization in its use with other Microsoft applications and also other software.

IBM Cognos

If Microsoft was a staple on this list, the same could be said for IBM. Cognos, however, offers something in which this company is specialized: artificial intelligence, applied here to the analysis of information not only to visualize all processes intuitively but above all, to detect irregular patterns in workflows and thus facilitate predictive analysis. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


Microstrategy puts all the meat on the grill of its powerful (and fast) dashboard, which can be difficult for the uninitiated in other options on this list. The main objective of this application is to improve productivity, and for this, it offers the possibility of collecting data from the most diverse sources. Also, its use is not limited to the computer of a lifetime but includes a powerful mobile app.

Oracle BI

It may be less well known than IBM and Microsoft, but it is clear that Oracle had a lot to say when it came to BI. That is why she has created this especially powerful tool proven to reveal hidden patterns and unique results. More than likely, this is the most sensible option for all those companies that need to manage a large amount of information.


What about applications specially designed to operate in the cloud (with the many advantages that this implies)? Well, there are great options like, for example, Domo. It is an app that allows both the micro and the macro, so it is ideal for SMEs and freelancers, and large corporations.

But we repeat: maybe, the BI tool that your company needs is not on this list. So start looking for information, analyze and compare until you find the perfect formula. Because, as in emotional intelligence, business intelligence has to be worked on in the (very) long term.


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