The Relationship Between Celebrity Endorsement and Performance of the Organization

Celebrity Endorsement - Complete Controller

Source credibility and attractiveness are the two potential models related to the endorsement of a celebrity and the performance of the organization. In the attractive source, an attractive personality is targeted to become the brand ambassador of the product. Having an attractive personality can have a productive reflection on the targeted audience that can help a person reflect a strong impression on the targeted audience. Credibility sources tend to focus on endorsement activities that are based on justified information. It can be said that both sources are based on a unique approach. Reliable and authentic information regarding the product can allow the brand to perceive the product positively. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Schema Theory

Schema Theory is referred to as the consumer’s mind based on the cognitive structure that is attracted to the endorsement conducted through celebrities. Every person has a cognitive structure that allows them to form beliefs and opinions. We receive information constantly and shape it according to our own perception, which can be positive or negative. The perception of an individual can be shaped to enhance the performance of the organization.

Various advertising and marketing entities utilized this concept to shape the targeted consumers’ perception and behavior with the assistance of the celebrity endorsement. Assimilation and accommodation are two performance-based approaches to modify or amend the information. Endorsement conducted by celebrities proves to be more productive towards the targeted audience. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Celebrity endorsement is a phenomenon that can efficiently create positive awareness of the brand amongst the targeted audience. These aspects allow an organization or brand to transform the consumers’ perception that will have a positive impact on the targeted audience. Celebrity endorsement brands can create an effective association between the brand and the organization. Effective procedures during the celebrity endorsement can allow the audience to relate to the brand positively.

One of the reasons to consider celebrities for endorsement is, people, look up to the celebrities and follow them on social media platforms. This trait of the individual allows advertising and marketing entities to conduct effective celebrity endorsements. Advertisement via media allows the targeted audience to think that they can adopt the traits of celebrities. Such as a celebrity using a specific cosmetic product. This allows various brands to create a positive image of the brand in the mind of the audience. In the effective process of celebrity endorsement, positive traits of celebrities are utilized to exploit the psychology of the targeted audience to transform and amend the behavior of the consumers. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Promoting brands through media

Advertisement via television is one of the most common and productive forms of promoting the brand. Promoting through media allows the brand to reach the maximum number of consumers. Brand awareness can be done through various means, but television is one of the most productive methods because it eliminates any geographical barriers. It also provides an opportunity for the television industry to enhance its revenue. Radio, billboards, and leaflets are the other potential mediums through which brands can be promoted efficiently. In this modern era, one of the most economical and productive means of promoting brands is through social media. It allows various brands to approach as many consumers as they can without considering geographical limitations. It allows brands to promote not only in the domestic arena but also in the international market. Various advertising agencies are utilizing many forms of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, websites, and Twitter for promoting brands. Nowadays, web traffic allows advertising entities to target a maximum number of consumers efficiently. Various promoting agencies opted for this approach due to its cost-effective nature and improved the performance of the organization.

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