The Prominence of Society for Human Resource Management

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The management maintains a consistent focus on devising new strategies to bring change and advance innovation in an organization at any reputable corporation. However, the management has interlinked the achievement of all these strategic goals towards an efficient human resource management system. HRM is focused on the hiring of employees and maximizing their performance for the achievement of organizational goals. In a progressive and professional organization, human resource strategies are designed to increase the productivity of the corporation and its individuals. In order to do this, a strong association is necessary between the different operational functions of the organization and the human resource department. These aspects of Strategic human resources fully align the organizational structure and make it more productive for achieving new opportunities in the industry. This enables the organization to create a competitive edge. Some of the approaches to Human resource management opted by the organization are discussed below:

Configurational approach: The configurational approach determines that both an external and internal fit should be considered for increasing performance. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Contingency approach: The contingency approach suggests that HRM practices adopted by the organization should be in accordance with the business strategy and goals. This plays an important role in derived higher organizational performance and improving the association between the HRM and the company’s strategy.

Universalistic approach: The universalistic perspective suggests a relationship exists between the adoption of HRM practices and organizational performance. The approach determines that best practices do not merely depend on the situation, but they should have the capacity to contribute positive financial performance.

The human resource has opted for the framework proposed by Harvard, which reflects the entire functioning of the strategic human resource of an organization. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Purpose of SHRM activities in a progressive Organization

Human resource plays an imperative role in improving corporate growth and performance. It increases the capabilities of the organization to achieve new opportunities by utilizing resources efficiently. The main resource of the organization is human capital, including employees and managers. The core purpose of different Strategic Human Resource activities is focused on improving the efficiency of employees. These practices mainly govern the utilization of the appropriate performance evaluation and behavior evaluation techniques to find out the performance gaps. To address these gaps, training and development programs, motivational techniques, and leadership practices are utilized by the HRM.

Strategies of HRM should be aligned with the organizational strategies; gaps between both the strategies will affect the organizational capabilities for achieving the strategic goals. Emirates Airline has created a competitive edge by providing appropriate training programs for improving the quality of service. The HRM strategies not only focused on improving the performance of employees. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers The mission, vision, and organizational goals are also communicated to the employees, and they are motivated to achieve them. HRM seeks opinions from their employees so that they can play a pivotal part in decision-making for achieving the strategies.

Human resource management strategies are developed by various individuals to form a group so that all the individuals of the organization can be aligned for achieving the common strategic goals. Through the years, various organizations and corporations have used different practices to manage their operations in different countries of the world. These are mentioned below:

  1. Designing human resources for achieving business
  2. Conducting sessions to communicate the organizational goals with employees so that they can take part in its achievement
  3. Evaluating the gaps in workforce abilities and providing development programs to enhance and polish the capabilities of the employee.
  4. Designing the business structure to connect individual employees and every organizational department for achieving common goals
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