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The Major Consequences for a Business that has been Hacked

When your business is hacked, it affects not only information related to the business but also your clients’ information. For a business owner, situations like these can end up with gravely negative consequences. The hacker could gain full access to all of your business’s bookkeeping, which could be disastrous.

There may be a small business owner thinking, “I run a small business. Who would hack me?!” Regrettably, you’re mistaken. Smaller businesses are more prone to hackers and security threats than larger businesses are.ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

Marketing is another area that can deeply hurt your business if your website is hacked. If you receive malicious codes on your website, it will intensely influence your search rankings. Search engines like Google bring your website up, not just for links and content, but also if that particular website is secure for users. If your website is compromised, you will find a deflation of your domain until you get it cleaned up.

Loss in Sales

Bad news travels faster than the speed of light. If your business website is hacked and information has been compromised, it is most likely that the public will stay away from your business, no matter what.

Reputation can be Damaged

Once your business website is hacked, it can be a challenge to get your good reputation back. It is tough to win consumer trust in the first place. Rebuilding their trust is even more challenging. The best you can do is spend hours and hours on public relations, marketing, and reputation management.Complete Controller. America’s Bookkeeping Experts

Costs from Compensation

Once you know your business website has been compromised, you need to win back your clients and consumers. You may need to give compensation to your clients by offering identity theft insurance and free credit monitoring. It may be free for your clients, but it is a lot more than free for you.

Legal Action

Unfortunately, lawsuits are routine nowadays. Irrespective of if you win or lose, legal action expenditures can be quite huge. If the breach happened because your company made mistakes, it’s probably safe to assume that the law will not stand on your side. This is not to say you shouldn’t still attempt legal avenues for restitution or justice.


Here’s some good news for you. If an individual’s credit card is used fraudulently, they are not required to foot the bill. The bank will do a refund. And now, the bad news. You will be passed on those charges by the bank as a fine.CorpNet. Start A New Business Now

Audits by the Government

Irrespective of the country you are doing business in, if it is large enough, there is a possibility that the country’s government will come knocking at your door to perform an audit. There may even be a chance that they decide to impose a fine on your company if they find non-compliance to guidelines like PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

Costs for Remediation

Don’t think that the consequences end here. You will also be required to fulfill internal remediation costs. What are the remediation costs, you say? Well, these costs comprise of the following:

  1. Costs to inspect what happened
  2. Costs to improve your security position
  3. Costs of firing and hiring employees
  4. Costs of whatever it will take to remediate your inner information security environment


With such dire consequences like these, you can see how easily the costs mount up when a business is hacked. Most businesses find it extremely difficult to recover from not complying with the PCI DSS Standards.  The best you can do is ensure that you follow your area’s rules and regulations and initiate security standards into your company.

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